Undergraduate jobs: In the past seven years, there have been more and more enrolled in exactly, medicine and engineering and less and less in the meeting

June 06, 2022 16:40 PM | Reading time: 4 minutes
June 06, 2022 16:40 PM
| Reading time: 4 minutes
June 06, 2022 16:40 PM | Reading time: 4 minutes
June 06, 2022 16:40 PM
| Reading time: 4 minutes

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  • The information comes from the record of the annual number of students enrolled in the Common Core Course (CBC) by the faculties of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) accessed by Check the data center.
  • The college that has seen the most number of applicants from 2016 to this year is Dentistry. Social media was in the top ten of the races with the most scores. Now, he is at number 22.
  • On the contrary, Computer Engineering ranked 18th and now entered the ranks of the top ten most-chosen majors. Experts assert that one of the main reasons is the perception among young people that there are jobs with a greater future and a greater demand for work than others.

Number of high school graduates enrolled in the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) Faculty of Social Sciences to study one of their occupations – political science, social communication, labor relations, social work, or sociology – Decreased 40% in the last 7 years. On the other hand, enrollment in dentistry, a college with a single homogeneous profession, increased by 91% in the same period.

But not only the Faculty of Social Sciences fell in enrollment but also in the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (Library Science, Anthropology, Publishing, Geography, History, Arts, Educational Sciences, etc.), with -28%; and the Law (Pleading, General Calligrapher and General Translator) by -9%.

Agriculture sciences (environmental sciences, agricultural economics and management, floriculture, horticulture, etc.) recorded a slight decrease in enrollment of -2%. On the other hand, UBA’s remaining nine colleges increased their enrollment: Dentistry (91%) is followed by exact and natural sciences (71%), medicine (56%), engineering (42%), psychology (36%), pharmacy and biochemistry (28%) and veterinary sciences (25%)..

The conclusions arise from an analysis conducted by Check the data center on me UBA database rendering patterns to a Common Basic Course (CBC) It takes place in the first quarter of each year, between 2016 and 2022, according to each college and each university. The increase in overall UBA enrollment has grown 24% since 2016: That year, 50,833 students enrolled at CBC and this year, 63,044.

Possible reasons

This tendency to choose technical careers over the humanities is due to multiple reasons, but according to Melina Fuhrmann, Ph.D. in Science Education (Columbia University, US) and researcher at Conicet, “One reason is the perception of young people that some professions require more labor, especially those of the exact sciences“.

The careers of Bachelor of Data Science, Technology, and Computer Science with all its variables are beginning to increase in enrollment, as a result of the strong demand for labor. Many boys and girls who study these professions before graduation already have well-paid job offers. There is a reality-based feeling among young people that these are the jobs of the future. He emphasized that other professions in which the number of students was more traditional, such as the social sciences, have begun to decline, possibly due to the movement of young people towards more technological jobs.

Data Science, Exactas’ youngest degree, has become the most chosen by those attending that college, based in Ciudad Universitaria, in the Núñez neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Enrollment grew 43% this year compared to 2021, the year the demarcation took place.

also, In 2016-2022, engineering enrollments increased by 42%, led by computer science and petroleum. “It is positive that more and more young people are choosing professions related to technology, data, engineering and exact sciences, because as a country we need a knowledge-based economy and industries that produce real resources for the country, and part of that is happening today through science and technology,” Forman continued.

top ten

Since 2016 The platform for UBA’s most chosen careers by high school graduates is immovable: Medicine, Psychology, and Law. After that, the accountant-general appeared in general, although in 2021 the architecture surprised, taking the fourth place. But only that year.

On this year’s register are enrolled business administration, graphic design, nutrition, computer engineering and undergraduate nursing.

Veterinary medicine ranked 11th, followed by kinesiology, clothing design, dentistry, economics, nursing, university technician in facial and body aesthetics and university technician in surgical instrumentation, image and sound design, and biochemistry.

Between 2016 and 2022 Notable increases were seen in the number of students enrolled in the positions of Apparel Design (+1,303%), Bachelor of Nursing (+1,207%), Petroleum Engineering (+345%), University Technician in Facial and Body Aesthetics (+182%) and Technician Bachelors in Surgical Devices (+ 155%).

While that, In the past seven years, the number of students enrolled in Sociology (-56%), Education Sciences (-49%), Labor Relations (-48%), Industrial Design (47%) and Philosophy (-49%) are emerging. -44%).

It should be noted that this data corresponds to enrollment in jobs and not with graduation. At university, students may be late in graduating, withdrawing from a degree, and/or changing majors. According to the statistics of the Secretary of University Policies at the Ministry of Education for the Nationcorresponding to the biennium 2020-2021, 22% of new undergraduate students choose another academic offer a year or two after entering a particular profession, and of those 10% do so in a subject area other than the one initially chosen.

Fewer social contacts, more computer engineers

This is an example of a change in trend 7 years ago, social media science was among the top ten chosen by CBC participants while in 2022 that score slipped to 22nd placeover a hundred options spread across 13 UBA colleges.

Unlike social communication sciences, Computer engineering, which in 2016 was ranked 18th, entered 2022 top ten One of the most popular races. Not counting population growth, in 2016, 755 people registered to be computer engineers, while this year 1,776 people did. An increase of 135%.

In contrast, the number of aspiring social callers remained on a slight downward trend year on year until 2022, when there was a sharp decline of 24.6% from 2021. In all this time it has been reduced by 38%: there were 1,225 in 2016 and there were 759 this year.

data exploration

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