The importance of adults’ attention to children’s mental health, according to an expert | Video | Univision Chicago WGBO

When we have rain andEspecially on Friday. untilhere is the timeAlex: In the United StatesChildren’s mental healthAdvertise as a countryemergency, opendo parents andcaregivers. accompany usAn expert in mental health.Good for us because it isIt is important to parents andCaregivers talking to your childrenAbout your emotional health?is necessary forhuman development,Sometimes kids don’t knowSelf expression.This week they are releasing a fileSeveral to be able to gettalks. It includesdialogue prompts,Think about issues likeanxiety and emotional support,friendships. How do we know thatin colorful societiesIt has low resourcesFamily friendly groupOf color and Latin.It can cross, but sometimesTeens don’t do that.It is important to likeLet’s open parents too, it’sIt matters if we areWe can face problemsWe admit we got it. SearchOpen methodconversation.Alex: I would like to ask you,About warning signs.Irritable, if not interestedIn the things that beforeI like to do, get awaysocial problemsappetite or sleep.Alex: Those are the main points. whereWe can find this group.Location.

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