Take back control of your health with the CARE BOX

Since the last half of the twentieth century there has been something great Scientific and technological development in the field of health that led to important discoveries and promoted the transition from a paradigm healing medicine Towards preventive medicine where everyone is involved to ensure their own well-being, MDS Mexico warns.

according to Christopher Saravia, CEO of MDS Mexico, In the first model, disease control rested primarily with women. institutions and health workers. In other words, it formed a vertical chart in which the patient follows the doctor’s instructions without actively participating in them.

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On the contrary, the specialist in the preventive medicine model asserts that health care is an essential pillar for the timely detection of various diseases, Diagnosing diseases in their early stages and identifying risk factors That can help with the development of diseases or their complications.

In the light of this paradigm shift and with the purpose of innovation in the field of health, the Mexican company has established CARE BOX, a brand that understands the importance of people taking control of their health.

CARE BOX is a health tool, committed to generating a culture of self-care and prevention where users are responsible for ensuring their own well-being and that of others through self-tests for COVID-19. -19.

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‘With the creation of care box We want to provide the patient the safety to exercise control over their health at a time when self-care is supposed to be a priority,” Christopher Saravia describes.

Through its own e-commerce platform, care box It allows users to obtain PCR and antigen tests, and essential new normal products such as masks and antibacterial gels in a convenient, practical and economical way.

Our tests are gentle, friendly, innovative and safe so that our patients can conduct them for themselves and become active agents in their care.”Camel MDS Specialist Mexico.

An advantage in the market offered by the tests included in CARE BOX is that they have encrypted technology to validate the results and thus prevent their falsification, a technical innovation that MDS Mexico has implemented for a few years.

“Health is the responsibility of each of us, the pursuit of a culture of self-care contributes to the reduction of complex diseases or timely detection of any disease, if not detected in time, can lead to more time/cost medical care, even death. Potential for irreparable damage,” Saravia says.

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