President Abenader has changed his schedule and will leave this afternoon for the Summit of the Americas

The death of the Minister of the Environment, Orlando Jorge Mira, following the death of the Minister of the Environment, changed the itinerary that had been set by the President of the Republic, Luis Abenader, in Ninth Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California.

The first Dominican president, Who planned to leave this morning via Punta Cana airportHe postponed his departure on Tuesday noon.

Before traveling to The meeting in which Joe Biden will participatePresident of the United States, Abenader will participate in a condolence mass On the occasion of the death of Minister Jorge Mira, scheduled to take place today at 12:30 in the Church of San Rafael Arcangel of the National Palace.

Then the president fulfills some government obligations before leaving the country Compliance with established obligations At the summit, as confirmed by the Communications Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic in a statement.

The Head of State is traveling with First Lady Raquel Arbagi; The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Alvarez, and the Executive Director of Prodominicana Bibiana Rivero. In addition, the Director of the Presidential Office, Lourdes Herrera, and the Secretary to the Presidential Cabinet, Elaine Beltran.

international calendar

During his stay in the United States, the Dominican President will also participate in several plenary sessions and bilateral meetings with heads of state. Among them are the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau and Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henri With whom do you schedule meetings.

It also scheduled meetings with international organizations and multinational companies interested in investing in the country.

The Summit of the Americas officially begins tomorrow and concludes on Friday, June 10, when he returns to the Dominican Republic.

Your return trip It is scheduled for that morning The head of state is expected to return to the country around 12 noon on Saturday via Punta Cana, the same airport from which he will depart.

Summit and its forums, Promote cooperation for inclusive economic growth and prosperity throughout the region, based on mutual respect for democracy, fundamental freedoms and the dignity of work and free enterprise.

Jorge Mira’s murder

The Environment Minister died after being shot by a friend several times yesterday appeared in his office.

Michael Cruz, And when the person responsible for the accident was identified, he fled and took refuge in a diocese several kilometers from the Ministry of the Environment. There he confessed to the Temple priest and gave him his weapon before asking him to contact the media.

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