Mexico, the country that thinks it is a force in football but fails in every World Cup

Raul Jimenez prepares to be Mexico’s main striker in the 2022 World Cup / Photo: Edgard Garrido – Reuters

Every four years is the same movie: Mexico is classified A Globalism, He thinks he’s strong, and he thinks he’s going to make history now, He achieves some victory or a draw that excites his fans and what Makes you forget that he was eliminated in the same round… As usual.

This is the movie that seems to be repeating itself with Gerardo “Tata” Martino, The Argentine coach who is set to break the barrier for the fifth match in the World Cup, but from His operation appears to be a setback for Mexican football.

The victory over Uruguay, the draw with Guatemala and Ecuador, and the victory over Nigeria, all in friendly matches in the United States, resulted in the Tri team achieving the same results in the previous World Cup.

Mexico will surely achieve a resounding victory in Qatar, which will make us forget everything and The same movie will be replayed for the next World Cup.

Tri: Same movie, same ending

The last time Mexico qualified for a World Cup quarter-final was at the 1986 World Cup Finals in Mexico.

Where USA 1994 to Russia 2018, Trey were eliminated in the round of 16. Sometimes others are unfairly bypassed, but he has always been the same.

Every four years, the Mexican national team and its fans dream about it Reaching the fifth match in the World Cup, That is, to reach the quarter-finals. Being world champion is not among the goals.

In fact, Since the FIFA World Ranking was created in 1993, Which is supposed to qualify the best soccer teams in the world, Mexico ranked 15th on average.

Perhaps it is time to accept that this is the reality of Mexico in football.

Victories make us forget failure

For Mexicans, victories or a draw against historic rivals at the World Cup seem to make them forget about failure.

Those relationships with Italia At the 1994 and 2002 World Cups, or equivalent Holland in 1998 or Brazil In 2014, the victory over France In 2010 or victory over Germany In 2018, they made us forget that Mexico is in fact still stagnant in football.

Nobody remembers that Mexico was humiliated and beaten 0-7 by Chile In the Copa America 2016?

Certainly not because The same national team beat Germany 1-0 in the World Cup.

What does it matter if Trey does not achieve their World Cup goal if they defeat a power like Germany?

Different solutions, same results

in the nineties It was said that the biggest problem for the Mexican national team is that Players did not have an international connection Because they all played in Liga MX teams. for this generation of Jorge Campos, Claudio Suarez, Alberto Garcia Aspe, Ramon Ramirez and Luis Hernandez They needed to play in Europe to succeed with the Mexican national team, according to him.

slowly Some Mexican footballers have begun to immigrate to European football How Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Rafael Marquez, Andres Guardado, Carlos Salcedo, Ricardo Osorio, Pavel Pardo, Omar Bravo, Giovanni dos Santos, Carlos Vela, Hector Moreno, Javier Hernandez, Diego Linez… The result was that Mexico remained at the same stage in the World Cup.

It was also said that in order to overtake Mexico needs to work better in the core forces and has succeeded in: He was the U-17 World Champion in 2005 and 2011. The result in the World Cup was the same because many of these heroic players failed to prove themselves as players.

an actSignature of foreign coaches Because they think they are better than the Mexicans? Origin Ricardo Lavolpe, Sven-Goran Eriksson, Juan Carlos Osorio and now Gerardo MartinoAnd the result was the same.

“Unfortunately, we have been wasting a lot of time because of We are not seeing the development of the national teamHugo Sanchez declared that what we observe is not exciting at all, it is disturbing.

5 June 2022;  Chicago, Illinois, USA;  Mexico coach Gerardo Martino responded in the first half of an international friendly match against Ecuador at Solder Field.  Mandatory credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Gerardo Martino has been Mexico coach since 2019. / Photo: Quinn Harris-USA Today Sports

Martino, missed cycle?

Martino was brought in in 2019 to accomplish what his predecessors in this role couldn’t do but The results don’t look promising at all.

The Martino trio had difficulty qualifying for Qatar 2022.

There are no new numbers Nor does a generational change in this choice.

Argentine DT Holds on to his favorite players He will play the World Cup with them.

– He’s someone who doesn’t give a second chance and Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez and Carlos Salcedo have been banned for indiscipline, Two former World Cup players are as competitive in this trio.

“If now we don’t already have the elements that give us a better result, in the specific case of ‘chicharito’, the ego on the part of ‘tata’ should not exist,” said Rayados coach Victor Manuel Vucic. Imagen Television.

“This is the weakest Mexican team I’ve ever seen,” Alexis Lalas, the former US national team, said in an interview with Dallas newspaper Al Día.

Al-Tari will face Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Poland in the Qatar World Cup. Can A surprising draw or victory over the Argentines who – which The front pages of newspapers and TV sports news monopolized in MexicoThey will advance to the next round where they can face France, Denmark or Tunisia. And here will end his participation in the World Cup.

This win or draw will make many Mexicans forget the Martino cycle With a new coach, Mexico will be looking to make history now in 2026… Even if it was the same movie with the same ending.

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