Meet the two brothers who died at El Hippie Pond in Naguabo

This afternoon, the police identified the two brothers, a woman and a man, who died yesterday in hippie pool in nagapo.

Young people have been identified as Gentileris Castro Rodriguez, 24 years old Felix Castrofrom 27.

According to the police, Castro Rodriguez fell into a body of water and hit her head, so her brother jumped into the water to help her.

“One slips (of the two brothers) and another follows to save her. They slipped and when they slipped they hit their heads.”the official details early in the morning in a radio interview (WKAQ 580 AM).

The third brother who was at the place was the one who initially retrieved the corpses before they were dragged back into the river.

The Office of Emergency Management and Disaster Management (NAMED) The two bodies were recovered this morning with the work of a group of rescuers made up of units from Arecibo, Ponce, Naguabo and other cities.

According to Commissioner Nino Correa Filomeno, the body of the young man had to be removed from the area by helicopter due to the complexity of the terrain in that area.

The official indicated that he learned that the two brothers were fraternizing after arriving on the island in recent days.

A few years ago we had a situation with a Brazilian tourist who died here and it took four days to get her body back. […] The only way this object could be removed is by air, due to how difficult it is to reach by road.The commissioner, who described the place as an extension of mountainous terrain with numerous waterfalls and caves, pointed out.

The helicopter used during the operation is owned by the United Forces of Rapid Action (FURA).

“It is very difficult and dangerous to get here in normal conditions, and I do not want to imagine sometimes when people share alcohol and things. It is a two-hour walk from where I left the car to the pond”pointed out.

In addition, the air unit of the police office moved the bodies from the scene to the ball park area of ​​that neighborhood.

The Nagwapo Municipal Police Orlando Tolentino and Attorney General Yisrael Ambier investigated these events.

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