Definitive Notes for Medicine 2022: Supply and Demand

Students during EBAU exams in Valladolid.

Nearly 200,000 students from all over Spain You will pass through the selected centers of the various autonomous communities to implement High school assessment tests for university entrance (EBAU) throughout the month of June. As in the previous appeal, by following the guidelines laid down after the pandemic COVID-19 To mitigate the effects of distance teaching, the model will maintain this One test suggestion with several questions. formula that caused The percentage of top students has nearly doubled since 2019taking off to 13.26 percent.

in 2019the percentage of outstanding bonds in A 7.7 percent. The rally began in 2020, when it rose to 11.3 percent and a year later, in 2021, it increased again nearly two more points, reaching 13.26.

This gradual increase in grades among students led to Cutting Notes higher than it was before the health crisis. In fact, 10 of the top 15 cut-off marks for the 2021-2022 school year correspond to the title medicine.

Court notes to access medicine

According to the data published by Universities MinistryThe highest cut-off mark for accessing these studies in our country is at Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), with a score of 13,500 points out of 14; followed by Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), with 13463; and the University of Valencia (UV), with 13430.

The Miguel Hernandez University (UMH), at 13,400; and the Jaume I University (UJI), with a cut-off mark of 13,380, ranks fourth and fifth, respectively.

The cut-off is the score that each public university sets as a requirement to reach a particular score. These changes each year and are dependent on the number of places available in the degree, as well as the degree to which the last student obtained the respective degree last year.

Medicine and Nursing, degrees with growing demand

On the other hand, the coronavirus pandemic has also sparked interest in medical training, which has already been one of the most traditionally sought-after university degrees. So much so that, according to pre-registration data from the Integrated University Information System (SIIU) of the Ministry of Universities, the demand for study medicine In public universities, it is up 44 percent in one year, rising from 44,589 applications in the 2019 academic year to 64164 in 2020. Altogether, only four months after the start of the epidemic, 19,575 additional students applied to enter medicine.

The impact of Covid-19 on the increased demand for health grades has also had notable effects Nursing. According to the statistics of the Department of Joanne Suberats, the increase in the number of applications to enroll in the nursing degree was one 32 percent in 2020 compared to 2019.

What does the EBAU 2022 form look like?

As stated in the decision published by Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with Courts and Democratic Memory In the Official Gazette, a test will be conducted for each of the subjects being evaluated. In each test, students will have One test suggestion with several questions.

In addition, the student will have to answer, based on his choice, a number of questions previously established by the competent body, in order to Achieving the highest possible score. “The number of questions listed above will be set in such a way that all students can achieve the maximum score on the test, with Regardless of the circumstances Where he would have had access to teaching and learning in the event that there was a suspension of the existence of the teaching activity,” that arrangement dictated.

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