All the news left over from WWDC 2022, Apple’s annual developer event

WWDC 2022. (Photo: Apple)

Like all events manzana From the beginning pandemicThis is the inaugural event WWDC 2022 It is already registered. That is, it was not a live broadcast from California, as it was before.

However, in this version, Apple invited reporters to Apple Park. It’s the first time they’ve done so since the beginning of the pandemic. In this edition of WWDC 2022, new versions of the major Apple platforms were known, as on previous occasions. between them: iOS 16, iPadOS 16, tvOS, macOS, watchOS 9, etc. After that, Infobae will review all the news.

Keynote feed: iOS 16, MacBook Air / Pro, iPad Air, and more

As expected, Tim Cook He was first on the scene, inside Cupertino’s incredible facilities, to ensure that Apple’s 34 million developers had “the superpowers to innovate, create and collaborate to create world-changing apps.”

He also announced the creation of a new developer center where they can interact with engineers and access teaching speech, Kind of TED Talks I focused on technology from Apple.

What’s new in iOS 16

new locked screen IphoneAnd the Aesthetically and functionally. Both color and font can be customized. There will be different patterns so you can choose the one you like the most.

You can also put gadgets inside the lock screen, To get the most important information without having to unlock the device. You can also create different home screens to diversify between them whenever you want.

(Photo: Apple)
(Photo: Apple)

Also, there is a file New notification management on the locked screen and New API for developers, Think of live activities that can always be updated with the screen locked.

The Focus Mode It extends to the locked screen, allowing you to customize it further. You’ll also be able to filter the content you see in the apps, so you can really focus on the task at hand.

There is also news in messaging app, It will allow users to modify the sent messages.

(Photo: Apple)
(Photo: Apple)

Tap to pay comes with Apple Pay, allowing many businesses to use the iPhone as if it were a payment terminal from which to charge.

Along this same line, there are also Apple Pay later, It will allow users to pay for any product within four months at no additional cost. Everything will be managed in the Wallet app, Where you can check the status of each batch.

There is also news in Apple Maps This will allow you to save pre-selected routes, save transit cards in the wallet to calculate the price of a trip on public transport, as well as other features that will make Apple Maps your “favorite app for navigation and travel.”

(Photo: Apple)
(Photo: Apple)

What’s new in watchOS 9

New features in apps I am practicingAmong them the new way to measure running training that will help prevent injuries and improve running technique, you will also have more data just by moving the digital crown. It will also allow you to customize workouts with different intervals at different speeds. It will even allow you to compete with yourself every time you run the same path.

Also, there is news in dream app, Where you will be able to see the different stages you go through every time you go to bed. All this information will also be available in the iPhone Health app.

The heart health It’s also enhanced in watchOS 9, with more accurate metrics about your heart’s condition. Finally, with watchOS 9 you can Recording the medicines that people have to take daily, With the possibility of receiving notifications to accommodate them and thus not to forget their transaction. You can also manage everything from the iPhone Health app.

(Photo: Apple)
(Photo: Apple)

M2 chip access

The optimal performance of the M1 continues to evolve. it contains 25% more transistors than the M1 chip. Here are its specifications, according to Apple:

– Up to 24 GB of unified memory.

– New CPU, with improved cores that make it faster.

It has 18% higher performance than the M1 chip.

– This chip is very effective.

It has 10 GPU cores, 2 more than M1.

– New neural engine.

– This slide goes to MacBook Pro 13 inchess and new MacBook Air.

(Photo: Apple)
(Photo: Apple)

New MacBook Air

New design that’s exactly the same as that of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. It is 20% thinner than the previous generation. The notch comes in the MacBook Air and will be available in four colors: silver, space gray, starlight, and midnight.

Some specifications:

Restores MagSafe to MacBook Air.

Retina show.

13.6 inch screen provides more space with similar size.

This Mac’s camera has evolved to match its older brethren.

4-speaker system with support for spatial audio and Dolby Atmos.

Up to 40% faster than the previous MacBook Air.

Same battery life as the previous generation.

Includes a power adapter with up to two USB-C ports to charge two different devices.

– Compatible with fast charging.

The new MacBook Air.  (Photo: Reuters/Peter DaSilva)
The new MacBook Air. (Photo: Reuters/Peter DaSilva)

All iPadOS news

new jobs from cooperationthe ability to allow multiple users to collaborate in creating a document in a completely intuitive and simple way. All of this will be fully synced with the Messages app and FaceTime. This also accesses other Apple apps in addition to iOS and macOS.

(Photo: Apple)
(Photo: Apple)

As announced by Apple Glance A space to be able to work in groups with different facilities such as access to the board where everyone can interact and work. They will also be able to embed documents and videos within this workspace called Free Form.

Finally, the Cupertino company announces theater manager, New way to manage all open windows in IPADwhich gives you the same experience as on macOS, where you also have the display management feature.

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