A police officer and his companion were killed while returning from a football match

Two men were killed last night while returning from a football match, one of the victims being an agent from the VIP Protection Division of the National Civil Police. The event was recorded in the neighborhood of Villa Hermosa, in the municipality of Cuscatancingo, in San Salvador.

The overworker was identified as Carlos Ernesto Sandoval Lobos, 24 years old, according to the information, he lived in the neighborhood of Villa Mariona 2, in Cuscatingo; While the other victim was identified as Rene Mauricio Lopez Perez, 24, a resident of the Villa Hermosa neighborhood, in the same municipality.

According to the information, the two men were attacked in Corridor 1 of the Villa Hermosa neighborhood, next to the Biblical Friends of Israel Baptist tent. Both had gunshot wounds to the head.

While he was near the Tixa Bridge in San Bartolo, in Ilopango, an unknown person was killed, most likely by gunshots. The body could have been found early Sunday morning.

In addition, on Sunday morning, it was reported that a woman named Carmen Ramirez Angel, 22 years old, was killed in La Labore Canton, San Sebastian Municipality, San Vicente; Just a few meters from the catholic church of María Auxiliadora farm. According to the information, he was shot in the head.

Until the closing of this note, the Palestinian National Council had not provided further details of the murders, on its Twitter account, it was limited to reporting the three murders on Saturday, June 4, in its daily murder statistics.

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