WHO asks Spanish pulmonologists to monitor the air

Cristina Martinez, Maria Neira and Sarai Quiros at the 55th separate conference in Pamplona.

The World Health Organization (WHO) called for pulmonologists of the National Health System (SNS) taking an active role in prevention measures related to air quality As a measure to improve the quality of life of respiratory patients, which also means participating in Monitor these parameters In the main Spanish cities.

Maria Neira (WHO): “We need your help.”

Director of Public Health and Environment at the World Health Organization, Maria Nera, Transfer this request directly to the specialists within The 55th National Congress of Pulmonology and Respiratory Surgery (Separate) held in Pamplona. “We need you to help us.” during a speech in which he reviewed the recent international developments in this strategy.

A WHO spokesperson justified the request with some of the latest data on the impact of air pollution on public health. According to their estimates, treatment of environmental factors can even reduce 25 percent of annual morbidity and mortality, Which would translate to 13 million fewer deaths on the planet every year.

“People who passively breathe highly polluted air will be more susceptible to any respiratory agent. Logic explains it, but we now have more and more scientific evidence.” Nira added.

Maria Neira, Director of Public Health and Environment at the World Health Organization, at the 55th separate conference.

Faced with this situation, the Director of Public Health of the World Health Organization encouraged all Spanish pulmonologists to also take sides. Air quality measurements To find out, for example, the number of particles PM2.5 (diameter less than 2.5 microns) in real time. He has given as an example some parts of the country like Madrid for its high concentration. “You must know the levels at all times”pointed out.

More preventative medicine in air quality

Neira also asked specialists to take responsibility for making even bigger Educational and preventive work In their consultations with the promotion of the guidelines in this regard published by the World Health Organization in September 2021. Set an example by going to the hospital in bicycle or leave to smoke These are other keys he put on the doctors table. “Pulmonologists are the ones who have the greatest incentive to fight environmental pollution and speed it up Transition to clean energypointed out.

Neira has set air quality as one of the WHO’s core commitments to improving public health levels on a global scale, in the same way it has been done after World War II Major European countries conspired to ensure Sanitation and access to drinking water in their lands.

Maria Nera and Cristina Martinez, separate EROM area coordinator.

Last year we went to the Climate Change Summit with 45 million signatures for the toilet Demands to attack the causes of climate change. Much of the same air condition. We have to do it for health. It was one of the most widely read and respected documents“, she added.

The agency spokeswoman noted that this strategy also needs to be passed on to the management hospitals, because they represent 7% of total carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere due to the high demand for energy. He pointed out that “if it was a country, we would be among the top 10 polluters.”

Nira also stressed the importance of all countries complying with Paris Agreement on climate change. In addition to specific requirements to reduce atmospheric pollutant particles, some additional health-related measures have also been agreed, such as Promote sustainable diets.

Cristina Martinez Maria Neira and Sarai Quiros, Respiratory Infections and Tuberculosis District Coordinator in a separate area.

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