When considering pregnancy, arthritis and lupus patients should manage their condition due to complications

There are different types of arthritis that we should work on for these women, as we know that arthritis mostly occurs in women of childbearing age.

Dr. Annette Perez Delpuy, director of the Ashford Center. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Fabiola Plaza.

In an exclusive interview with the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, Dr. Annette Perez Delpuy, an obstetrician-gynecologist and maternal-fetal medicine specialist, explains the process for pregnant patients when diagnosed with the disease. lupus also arthritis rheumatoid Pregnancy and prematurity.

First, stress that the symptoms arthritis Rheumatism, it goes down, because the woman suffers from immunosuppression during Pregnancy. “We have a baby, and this baby we don’t want the body to reject, which is why having an immunosuppression that will fight these antibodies and many mothers feel healthy, about 50%, if the mother is not in remission there is a 30% chance that it will remain the same and 20% chance it will get worse. The problem is when you stop, that’s where the immune system goes and the pain intensifies.”

He noted that when the patient with arthritis The rheumatoid disease cannot be controlled, “The pain will intensify and we as doctors are trying to improve his quality of life within 9 months, because if there is pain or inflammation, he cannot take aspirin, because this leads to a decrease in the fluid around the child and kidney damage; of course, if The pain was so debilitating, we could give these mothers prednisone or immunoglobulin.”

He explained that there are many medicines arthritis You can get pregnant with it and you can carry on, but there are other ways you can’t, so it’s very important to use contraception to avoid pregnancy before going into hibernation.

Referring to patients, he said they can reach in three ways: “One is referral, which is ideal, what we want, and one is if they arrive actively, with what medications they are accessing, that’s why on the first visit, what I do is check their joints, and what If they can move it, how can they open and close their legs and how can a patient give birth.”

He added that it is also important to check the appropriateness of medications and determine if it is during Pregnancy Another type of treatment may be administered. What he makes clear is that omega-3s are recommended, and can be incorporated through the diet, ‘see what we can consume, such as salmon or other foods that have omega’,

Finally pointed out that patients with lupusDr lupus They come to us, one of the main things we want to see is how much their pressure is, first we see that their pressure is enough, we check their kidneys to make sure they are working well and they are suitable for the drugs that we are going to give them.”