They found the lifeless body of a young man who had disappeared in Pinar del Rio

Agents from the Ministry of the Interior and residents of the municipality of Minas de Mathambre, in Pinar del Rio, continued to search for the 21-year-old who disappeared on Friday. The young man tried to swim across the river during the floods caused by heavy rain.


It was known that unfortunately it was The body of the young man was found lifeless.

This is the information provided by the provincial government of Pinar del Río.

This afternoon, the body of Yosenil Cabeza La Rosa, 21, was found missing in the El Vecchio River, north of the municipality of Minas de Matahumber, during heavy rains on June 3.

More than 100 people worked on the tracking operations, including members of the Interior Ministry’s Rescue and Rescue Brigade, divers, local fishermen, residents, members of district councils and municipal defense.

We deeply regret this event and send our condolences to his family and friends.

I tried to cross a swollen river

On Friday, authorities reported the disappearance of Yucinil Cabeza La Rosa, a resident of the Ugo de Agua farm, north of Minas de Matahumber.

According to regional radio station Guama, “The unfortunate incident occurred when the young man was dragged by the strong currents of Rio del Vecchio, while trying to swim across it.”

This is the second person reported missing in Pinar del Rio during rainfall associated with the low pressure system. Before that, Josef Cabrera Alvarez, 44, was swept away by a swollen stream he tried to cross. The accident occurred near the Higher School for the Improvement of Sports (ESPA), in the Dies de Octobre region of the regional capital.

Residents of the area witnessed the event, so they notified law enforcement authorities. On the same day his body was found in the late afternoon.

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