The sensation of heat can reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit and we explain why

The National Weather Service (SNM) in San Juan warned that the heat index could range from 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) Monday through early afternoon, particularly in the north-central region of Puerto Rico.

through their social networks, The Meteorological Agency indicated that the threat level today is moderate. This alert is issued when a heat index (the sensation of heat) is expected between 108 degrees Fahrenheit and 112 degrees Fahrenheit, according to an alert system initiated by SNM. last year.

The peak heat of the day is expected between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, especially in municipalities moving from Arecibo to Dorado. Hot conditions will continue throughout this week.

Why is it so hot?

“In recent days, the winds have continued from east to southeast and are very weak, causing the air mass to come from equatorial latitudes, from the Caribbean Sea. This causes that as that mass interacts with the land in Puerto Rico, it gets warmer little by little until it reaches the northern region and there are warmer temperatures in that region,” Meteorologist Carlos Anselmi explained new day.

He added that the other factor affecting the temperature indicators is the humidity that was recorded in the area during the weekend.

When we combine the air temperature with the available humidity, the indicators of heat, or the temperature felt by the body, tend to increase. For this reason, we expect temperature indicators to fluctuate between 100 and 110 degrees, mostly in urban and coastal areas of Puerto Rico.”

Recommendations to avoid health complications from this heat wave are: drink plenty of water – even if you’re not thirsty – limit outdoor activities, wear light and light-coloured clothing, avoid alcohol and caffeine consumption, and use sunscreen and don’t leave it on. Minors or pets in the car.

The San Juan National Movement has reported in the past few days that conditions will be hotter than normal this week.

This Saturday Meteorological Agency I reported a new record for the maximum temperature of 94 degrees Fahrenheit at Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport. The previous record of 93 degrees Fahrenheit was set in 1993.

Regarding the weather for today, SNM predicted a foggy sky due to the arrival of particles from desert dust And warm temperatures between a high of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Winds are blowing from the east at a speed of 20 knots.

“Such dry and foggy conditions should continue with us until at least Wednesday, with increased fog starting this afternoon and continuing through most of the work week,” Anselmi added.

Additionally, showers may be recorded over the east, with additional rain and scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon over northwest Puerto Rico.

Regarding marine conditions, SNM indicated that there is a moderate risk of ocean currents, so operators of small boats should exercise caution. Meanwhile, waves in the Atlantic Ocean will be between 2 feet and 4 feet, and in the Caribbean Sea between 2 feet and 5 feet.

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