The rains tightened the grip on order and promised 107 homes to residents of a poor neighborhood in Havana

The authorities of the Cuban capital admitted the existence of “debts to the inhabitants of Havana related to the construction and maintenance of the housing fund.” And they announced Construction of 107 new homes for rain victims Last days in a neighborhood in precarious conditions for years, as well as actions in other poor communities, also affected by the climatic condition.

Reinaldo García Zapata, the governor of Havana, asked at a meeting on Sunday to “identify About 107 new homes will be built for the victims of El Fanguito“, a marginal neighborhood on the banks of the El Menderes River, according to the official Cuban News Agency. About 600 residents of this community were evacuated alone on Friday, the newspaper reported. Havana pulpit.

We cannot leave it to future generations The problems we have, especially with regard to housing, which unfortunately are exacerbated by these climatic conditionsGarcia Zapata said.

The leader promised that from now on the powers of the Communist Party and the government would be developed in the capital. A differentiated care plan for affected communities such as La Escalera, Indaya, El Callejón de Andrade, La Polar and La TimbaSites that mostly belong to vulnerable neighborhoods are in transition.”

distance Historic citizen protests in July 2021which was due to the general disquiet among the population over the administration of the government, the authorities took it upon themselves to go to the fringe neighborhoods with a full display of propaganda about regime figures in the state media. One of the places chosen to clean up the image of Miguel Diaz-Canel is precisely El Fanguito.

On Sunday, Luis Antonio Torres Iribar, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Havana, said residents of those areas, whose places of residence cannot be called homes, deserve “decent housing”.

“The state and institutions are responsible for ensuring that our people are taken care of, and we must.” Take these people out of the danger and anxiety that increases in extreme situations like last Friday“, he added.

It was Torres Iribar who realized that “Currently, the authorities have debts with the residents of Havana regarding the construction and maintenance of the housing fund.“.

Regarding sanitation, cleaning and dredging in some areas, notably in eight municipalities in Havana, he said that there are still large quantities of solid waste and water to be extracted on Sunday, such as in Quatro Caminos and the site known as Laguna de Garcia, in the municipality of Boyeros.

The Heavy rain hit western and central Cuba on Friday and Saturday It left three dead, one missing and damaged 750 homes and 3,200 hectares of crops, as well as blackouts.

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