The murdered agent was a deputy nephew of Nuevas Ideas and part of his personal security

According to a detailed police report, the representative of the VIP section of the security service was Representative Norma Idalia Lobo, who was her aunt. He was arrested during the emergency period and then released.

A PPI agent, and at the same time the nephew of Nuevas Ideas’ deputy, Norma Idalia Lobo, was killed Saturday night while visiting his mother in the Villa Hermosa neighborhood of Cuscatancingo municipality.

Carlos Ernesto Sandoval Lobo, 24, was shot with Rene Mauricio Lopez when they were returning from a football match.

Sandoval Lobo hasn’t lived there since April of this year, but on the day he was murdered, the agent came to visit his mother because it was his birthday and took the opportunity to take part in the football match he was back from when he was attacked.

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Sandoval Lobo was a redundant agent for the Personal Protection Division (PPI) of the National Civil Police, PNC.

According to the police report, which this newspaper was able to access, the agent was appointed to La Libertad’s deputy for the Nuevas Ideas party, Norma Idalia Lobo, who was also his nephew.

Although the MP is very active on her Twitter account, one day after her nephew’s murder she did not post anything about this violent act until this article was closed.

The report adds that Sandoval Lobo was arrested on April 4, during exception systemby policemen of the Cuscatancingo sub-delegation, accused of the crime of illegal association and drug possession.

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However, the young man would have been released by the legislator’s efforts, according to reports from the same report.

National Civil Police Authorities Police licenses suspended As a result of at least four murders perpetrated as of Sunday morning, including that of a PPI agent.

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