The couple starred in a new sex video on a float in the streets of Cartagena


Residents of Cartagena, Colombia, are stunned by the latest sex video of a couple in their city. Unfortunately, although the authorities of the Bolívar provincial capital have ramped up their activities to distance tourists and locals from the collective fantasy that Cartagena is a place of lust, where sex can be done in the middle of the street, cases like this continue to happen in the city.

By: Infobae

Once again, Cartagena residents picked up and recorded a couple having sexual relations in a public place, a video posted by the local newspaper El Universal on its website. The event occurred during the night hours. But the darkness of the sky was not enough to hide their actions from the residents of the Strip.

The outrageous photos were taken by a citizen who was walking at night through the walled city, when his way was suddenly cut off by a horse-drawn carriage, in which tourists arriving in Cartagena usually move. A couple were in the car and began to undress in front of the eyes of the other citizen, who registered them with his cell phone.

It is noted in the recording that not only is the couple doing the show act being rallied on the buoy, but another couple also doing the kissing, but they don’t follow the other members of the debauchery. Throughout the tour, the woman appears naked on top of the man and makes various gesture movements until the sexual act is caught.

According to local media, it is believed that the people traveling in the car were under the influence of alcohol and were foreigners, but it is not yet clear whether the women were companions or partners.

For its part, the Motorists Syndicate in that city spoke after the anger caused by this fact to the people of Cartagena; The drivers of these vehicles confirmed that at no time did they consent to this happening inside the buoy. They indicated that they, as workers, strive to provide the best service and comfort to their users.

“This is why we call on our users to refrain from committing acts that disturb public order, interfere with healthy coexistence or endanger their safety on board,” the union said in a statement.

It must be remembered that only a few days ago, there was controversy in Cartagena because an event on adult entertainment was to be held, the Latin American Adult Entertainment Congress “Lalexpo”. However, Mayor William Dow did not give permission to hold this international meeting.

The President of Cartagena noted that the message of the event could be misunderstood and damage the image of the city, where the sexual exploitation of children and women raises concern. “Although we understand that what this agreement is looking for is marketing, promotion and presentation of the latest technology in video equipment and software, and the formalization of the adult entertainment industry; as a district administration, we cannot lose sight of the context of our city.”

William Dow explained that his decision as mayor of Cartagena came after hearing different sections of the city opposed holding the event. “We cannot turn a blind eye, because this kind of event can be skewed towards tourism of excesses, tourism of debauchery that takes place in the majority that violates mores and rules and affects the rights of residents and visitors to the city.” , stressed the President of Cartagena.

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