Shirley Vera Barreto was sentenced to 124 years in prison for the murder of her husband in Mocha

Shirley Vera Barrettowas convicted of killing her husband, a former lieutenant of policeman Alvin Quinones AcevedoOn Monday, he was sentenced to 124 years in prison for the crime that occurred on December 2, 2020 in Mocha.

Vera Barretto heard the judge’s verdict Monica Albi Figueroaof the Aguadilla court, in a blue suit and a mask of the same color, just over a month after she was found guilty of the three counts.

In the courtroom, Vera Barreto’s defense requested that the convicted person be given an opportunity to express. Before the judge interrupted her to address the audience in the room, The woman expressed her forgiveness to the Quinones Acevedo family.

“Just as I was the victim of Alvin Quinones Acevedo, you have all been victims too,” he said.

On May 3, the jury was made up of nine men and three women Admission of guilt A mother of four daughters charged with first degree premeditated murder with intent or knowledge and two articles of the Weapons Law.

Vera Barreto is accused of killing Quinones Acevedo after midnight on December 2, 2020, in a case in which the defense argued from the outset that the woman acted in self-defence and that she was a victim of gender-based violence.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office claimed, throughout the judicial proceedings, that the woman had killed Quinones Acevedo with a firearm that was the property of the deceased, They shot him in the neck while he was sleeping on a sofa in their room. According to the attorney general Myriam Neves VeraHe pulled the trigger, knowing what he was doing.

The pistol that Vera Barreto was to use was one of two weapons that the former lieutenant had. According to the woman’s confession on the same morning as the event, the weapon she used to shoot Quiñones Acevedo was locked in a box in another room of the house. The other — .45 caliber — was between the mattress the couple shared.

One of the witnesses in the case, Ramon Calderonex-husband of the convict, He testified that Vera Barreto called him on the morning of the events to confess that she had killed Quinones Acevedo. He added that the woman called him again to ask him to go pick up her daughters and said “the abuse is over,” a possible reference to the alleged pattern of abuse she was a victim of by her partner.

After the lawyer learned of the verdict in early May, Evan Almapart of Vera Barreto’s defense, said: “They have left the victim of Law 54 alone.”

At the time of the events for which she now faces spending the rest of her life in prison, Vera Barretto She had bruises on her shoulder and breasts, marks on her neck, bruises on her thighs and bruises on her legs.

The main argument for self-defense was through a phenomenon in law known as the battered woman syndrome.

Battered Woman Syndrome applies to cases in which you are subjected to beatings She does not kill her partner’s assailant while he is attacking her, but she does so in a period of relative calm. This is because, when this occurs, potential compliance with the traditional elements of a legitimate defense is not apparent,” as the 1995 case of Pueblo v. Gonzalez Roman demonstrated.

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