Pictures of the escape of the killers of Marcello Pecci

Thanks to the comprehensive investigative work carried out by the Colombian authorities in coordination with the ParaguayRecently, it is assumed that the arrest of five people is linked to the murder of the prosecutor Marcelo Pucci.

The murder of the famous Paraguayan prosecutor was recorded on May 10 when he was enjoying his honeymoon with his wife Claudia Aguilera in Barrow, Cartagena.

The videos recorded by the security cameras were a key piece for the authorities in charge of the case to identify those involved.

Picture of the moment and the car in which the killers flee

Authorities said Wendell Scott Carrillo and Gabriel Luis Salinas, both Venezuelan nationals, and Iverson Zabaleta, a Colombian, were to be caught on cameras after they killed Beachy.

The photo was taken around 10:30 a.m. on May 10, exactly 20 minutes before, on a red jet ski, these guys were going to shoot 3 shots at the Paraguayan prosecutor.

According to the information known by Noticias RCN, the photo is expected to reveal how the escape of the killers began, who, after the murder of the prosecutor, returned to the hotel, demanded payment and boarded a fleet to Medellin.

That record, along with more than 50 calls made that day, is now one of the essential parts of the investigation.

During the arrest legalization session, other details that brought about the arrest of those involved were also revealed. This is the informant who would have revealed the whereabouts of the alleged perpetrators and would have confessed to the authorities how the plan had been carried out.

Currently, the hearing is expected to resume on May 4 to bring charges against those arrested for premeditated murder under aggravating circumstances and illegal possession of weapons.

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