Eating ginger helps relieve severe migraine symptoms

The study found that ginger root can relieve pain associated with migraine headaches, nausea and vomiting.

Consuming ginger helps relieve some of the most common and bothersome symptoms of severe migraine headaches. Photo: shutterstock.

The Ginger can be a file home remedy Effective in helping to calm some sign of illness Most common and annoying Migraine In patients who do not want to use or cannot access prescribed medications, the new data suggests.

A review by researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, in BengaluruAnd the Indiathat root Ginger can relieve pain, nausea and the spew related to Migraine.

However, the evidence does not support the use of Ginger As the first line of treatment for Migraine acute or for the prevention of Migraine.

At this point, study author Dr. Chittarangan Andrade, Professor of Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neurotoxicology, commented that the evidence base is still “too small” to support formal clinical recommendations. However, he added, Ginger It can be considered as ‘Option for home remedy“applicable Migraine seer

Possible uses

Used for centuries in traditional medicine, much clinical and clinical research has examined the potential of Ginger raw extracts Ginger and components Ginger To prevent and treat a variety of medical conditions.

These include nausea s spew associated PregnancyAnd the Chemotherapycondition after surgeryAnd the Dizziness and others diseases s turbulencepointed to Dr. Andrade.

The Ginger It has long been recommended as a home remedy effective for treatment or treatment sharp Migrainewhich leads to the mitigation of both Headache Such as nausea associated,” he said Dr. Andrade.

Recommended recipe is to mix half a teaspoon Ginger Grind in a glass of water and drink “juice” Ginger“While another is drinking hot tea made with a teaspoon of Ginger fresh

Patients with a number of common diseases, including MigraineSometimes they don’t have medications or they may have poor access to medications. I found a reference to use Ginger to Migraine In a book on folk remedies I thought that if the research literature supports the use of Ginger for episodes MigraineThese patients can benefit.”

The review and meta-analysis included three randomized controlled trials with 227 patients compared Ginger Reverse placebo for him treatment or treatment.

One study investigated the therapeutic efficacy of a proprietary formula for Gingercombined with chrysanthemums (chamomile), while two trials were independent of the industry.

Of these two, one studied the benefits of an extract Ginger Additional dry (400 mg, 5% active gingerol) in 50 patients who were also taking ketoprofen to treat seizures Migrainewhile the other examined the 3-month efficacy of the extract Ginger daily dry for protection subordinate Migraine in 107 patients.

The two studies that examined the therapeutic efficacy of Ginger Before placebo show that Ginger Decreased mean pain scores at 2 hours (mean difference -1.27, 95% confidence interval) and increased proportion of patients no longer experiencing pain after 2 hours.

Moreover, compared to placeboThe Ginger Half the risk nausea s spew related to Migraine In all studies it was not associated with an increased risk of adverse events.

A randomized controlled study looked at preventive efficacy and found that it was more effective than placebo To achieve a reduction of more than 50% in the frequency of bouts Migraine per month (42% versus 39% of patients, respectively), but the difference was not statistically significant.

There were also no significant differences between groups in pain days, severe pain, days requiring analgesics, and number of pain episodes. Migraine And the maximum duration of episodes Migraine.

The Dr. Andrade He pointed out that Ginger It has a lot chemical componentsincluding vehicles phenolsAnd the turbinesAnd the sugarsAnd the Fats s organic acidsof which 6-her homework6-Gingerol and 10-Dehydrogengerdione “It could be important.”

She also has Antioxidant Effects s anti-inflammatoriesreduce prostaglandins And reduce the various measures to Fats s blood glucose in the blood serum. She also has Vascular effects “Presumed,” he added.

“The Ginger It has a lot of chemical components And we don’t know which of them, alone or together, will help relieve Migraine. We won’t know the answer unless clinical trials are done on the individual ingredients rather than extracting them Ginger‘, highlighted.

Compare it to a study Omega-3 fatty acids instead of fish and the Walnuts for different indicators nervous also heart and blood vessels.

However, due to the high global prevalence of Migraine The ‘big gap in treatment or treatment subordinate Migraine In primary care, “it may be common for many affected patients to have seizures Migraine “Without resorting to the recommended pharmacological relief. In such cases, the availability of a home remedy simple, like GingerIt might be useful.”

Dr. Jessica Elaniboss MedStar Georgetown Headache Center Professor of Clinical Neurology at Medstar University Hospital Georgetown, in WashingtonCapital , United Statehe said about “people with Migraine looking for treatment or treatment With minimal side effects they can have without consulting a healthcare provider, Ginger It’s a great add-on.”

Al-Ailani, Vice President of Strategic Planning in the Department of Neurology at MedstarM., who was not involved in the study, said doctors might “consider suggesting that Ginger For patients with Migraine which has nausea Associated with and interested in non-pharmacological treatment methods sign of illness“.

Because there are “many other effective methods of treatment” MigraineTalk to the patient about the speed of onset of effectiveness, as well as tolerability and return sign of illness subordinate Migraine As important factors to be evaluated when choosing a treatment or treatment“.

Also commenting on the study was Dr. Nada Hindi, Associate Clinical Professor in the University’s Department of Neurology. Stanford Universityin California, United Stateit is called “a good summary of the objective research available to use a software Ginger In the treatment or treatment acute and protective Migraine“.

Although there is not enough literature to assess Ginger just in treatment or treatment subordinate Migraineso “no definite conclusions can be drawn”, as it appears to be safe and “fairly useful.” nausea and the spew associated Migraine Perhaps in the frequency of reduction MigraineIt remains an alternative to consider for those looking for over-the-counter options,” concluded Dr. Hindiya, who was not involved in the study.

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