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The dollar price The US dollar in Colombia is trading at lower levels amid the global decline of the US dollar, which lost steam after lower yields on US Treasuries and negative data on job creation in the world’s leading economy.

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Quote from the dollar in Colombia this June 5

The price of the dollar in Colombia as of Sunday, June 5, 2022, was 3774 Colombian pesos, according to Reuters data.

According to Reuters, at the regional level, most of the Latin American currencies and stock markets closed higher on Thursday, amid a global decline in the dollar, which lost its strength after the US Treasury yields fell and were negative. Figure to create jobs in the world’s leading economy.

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Private payrolls in the US grew much less than expected in May, indicating that labor demand is starting to slow amid higher interest rates and tighter financial conditions, although job opportunities remain very tight.

The dollar index, which compares the US currency to a basket of major currencies, was down about 0.8%.

Maximum and minimum quotation of the dollar in Colombia in 2021

In 2021, the US dollar traded at a maximum of 4,033.25 Colombian pesos, while the lowest was 3,412.80.

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