6 exercises from your training without benefits

    Not only in sports, but in life in general, the important thing is not quantity, but quality. Sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it? In the world of sports, we are tired of seeing so many exercises in the gym, parks, nets… all with the goal of getting fit. However, either due to ignorance or not listening to the experts, many of these exercises are not only useless and give you few benefits, but may also put your health at risk.

    personal trainer Ivan Perogo, a well-known professional among celebrities, explains what these ineffective practices are that you may have practiced more than once (because they are so common). But we won’t leave you that way: she also advises us which ones to replace to improve your results.

    The 6 Most Exaggerated Exercises (According to the Experts)

    1. squat; You will be surprised, but among them are the famous squats. And many people think that they are good allies and they are almost the only way to get rid of cartridge belts and love handles, and no matter how hard you try, the fat is not shed no matter how much you do from the belly. The ideal, according to the coach, is to start working from the base: follow a healthy, balanced diet and combine cardio and planks to lose those centimeters from the waist that you want to get rid of.
    2. Very light weight exercises
      And as hard as you go to lift a little weight over and over again, converting fat into muscle is of little use. They say that whoever wants something costs him something. And in this case, to get effective results with dumbbell strength exercises, it takes real effort. This means weight gain. No, it’s not about using more force than you can lift, it’s about gradually improving and not getting attached to being light weight.
    3. Cardio exercises only
      Although effective at burning fat, it does nothing more than burn muscle mass and leave the body looking flabby. Cardio exercises were combined with strength exercises.
    4. squat machine
      Some people use squat machines but, the expert explains, these machines do not activate the balancing muscles. ideal? Do it the classic way, with a rod and lighter weights. Thus, in addition, the balance will be increased and improved.
    5. waist turns
      Another exaggerated exercise that does more than load the discs between the vertebrae and causes injury. Belly fat is not burned with this, but by conditioning the diet and avoiding excessive intake of fat and calories.
    6. Triceps on the bench
      There are those who exercise it on the gym benches and according to the coach, it is not the best option, because it puts excessive pressure on the shoulder joint. Better to make it in version take up, That is, on the wall or in the flexed position on the floor.
      1. to remember…

        But before jumping into the training trough like a headless chicken, put yourself in the hands of a qualified professional. Only then will you be able to design a plan to achieve effective results, optimize the time, as well as implement it correctly according to your needs, without the risk of injury.

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