This was the arrest of the five allegedly involved in the crime of Prosecutor Marcello Picci

In a video, the moment two of the five allegedly involved in the murder of Marcelo Pecchi, the Paraguayan prosecutor who was assassinated in Baro, Cartagena, on May 10, were arrested while on their honeymoon. Honey with his wife, journalist Claudia Aguilera.

Four men and a woman, including the alleged killer, were arrested at various locations in Medellin on Friday morning and the video was captured in particular in La Aurora, Robledo.

The prisoners were transferred to Cartagena

Accompanied by a convoy of members of the general force traveling on more than 20 motorcycles, armored trucks and tanks, the five arrested for the crime of the Public Prosecutor Marcelo Picci were taken from the Las Palmas sector to Jose Maria Cordoba Airport.

According to videos broadcast on social media, the convoy seen by residents of the Las Palmas Street sector, a private sector of the city of Medellin, paralyzed the streets on Friday afternoon.

After passing through several city streets, the convoy reached the airport, where at 5:30 p.m. the air transport of the five captured was scheduled. Once in Cartagena, these people will be presented at hearings to legalize their arrest and indictment.

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