The Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded that AMLO not participate in the Colombian presidential elections, Petro thanked him

After the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, publicly endorsed Gustavo Petro’s candidacy for the presidency, the Colombian Foreign Ministry expressed its disagreement, saying the said statements “constitute an interference in the internal affairs of our country.”

Despite this, the leader of the historic charter, On his Twitter account, he thanked Kalam, also known as AMLO, noting that “change has come.” And he expects Mexico and Colombia, along with other Latin American countries, to be manufacturing centers.

“I thank Andrés Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico, for his words of support. Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile will be the new hubs of an industrialized, educated and just Latin America. Change has come,” the candidate wrote on the social network.

It must be remembered that AMLO, during his usual morning conference, spoke about the elections in Colombia at different times. In the first place, he interrupted the analysis of the preference questionnaire for sending the Colombian a hug.

Just for a moment I will say I send a hug to Petro from here. Do you know why I hug him? Because it is facing a dirty war that it does not deserve and our cowardice… all we have seen and already suffered in Mexico.”

“Petro: A danger to Colombia, communism, guerrilla warfare, Colombia will be like Venezuela, etc. But with everything, all conservatives unite and without morals, forgetting that politics is a moral duty,” he added.

Similarly, he spoke about the accusations against Gustavo Petro and compared Petro’s campaign to the one that he himself was elected in 2018 by the North American country.

If anyone has suffered – I do not exaggerate and do not feel like a victim – of these dirty wars, he is the one to address them. for years. For this reason, rejoice, and you must have a lot of faith in people, and trust in people. He added: “In the intelligence of the people there is nothing more than that.”

Finally, in his statement, he referred to Petro again due to the annoyance caused by the alleged “dirty war” against him and reiterated again that this was a similar case to his.

“Petro’s case is that the campaign against him bothers me very much. He is really unworthy, and that is what we have already faced. I hope the people of Colombia will not allow themselves to be manipulated, to act freely and vote for whomever they want. It is not that dirty war, because it is contempt for man, but it is The belief that a person can be manipulated.He asserted that he is a subject, not a subject.

all that is above, The State Department rejected Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s statements on its social networks. In addition, he confirmed that the Colombian elections are taking place with guarantees for all participants.

Colombia offers a democratic process with all institutional guarantees for presidential candidates. The State Department wrote that both those who support one candidate and the other deserve all the respect of the international community and dignitaries.

in this way, The Colombian government asked the Mexican president to respect the process in Colombiajust as the country did at a time when Mexico is going through electoral processes.

“With the same respect that we declared to the institutions and to the President of Mexico, we ask you to respect the autonomy of the Colombian people in choosing their next president, without interference trying to influence the electorate,” he concluded.

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