Russia launches missile at ‘very low’ altitude over nuclear plant

(CNN) – Russia launched a cruise missile at a “very low” altitude over a nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine on Sunday, operator Energoatom said.

“Russia continues to threaten the nuclear safety of Ukrainian nuclear power plants and threatens the world with a new nuclear catastrophe,” the operator said in a statement.

File photo from 2015: Nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine. Credit: Anatolii Stepanov / AFP / Getty Images

“Russia committed another act of nuclear terrorism: at 5:30 a.m., a Russian cruise missile similar to the Kalibr cruise missile flew very low over a nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine,” Energoattom said.

“This missile was probably fired towards Kyiv, where explosions were heard this morning,” he added.

Energoatom said that Russian forces “do not yet understand that even the smallest fragment of a missile that can hit a working power unit can cause a nuclear catastrophe and a radioactive leak.”

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