Putin warns against attacking new targets if the United States supplies Ukraine with weapons

(CNN) – Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Sunday that Moscow would attack new targets if the United States provided Ukraine with long-range missiles, according to Russian state media.

Russian state media TASS quoted Putin as saying in an interview with Rossiya-1 TV channel that the delivery of new weapons to Kyiv is only aimed at “prolonging the armed conflict as long as possible.”

He said that in the event of the delivery of long-range missiles to Kyiv, Russia would draw “appropriate conclusions” and attack those “installations” it had not yet attacked.

Commenting on the situation regarding US supplies, Putin said: “If they are provided, we will draw appropriate conclusions from this and use our own weapons, of which we have enough, to attack those facilities that we have not yet targeted.” Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) weapons to Ukraine.

Putin noted that the supply of American MLRS to Ukraine fundamentally changes nothing, since Kyiv had similar weapons before, including missiles of the same range, so they simply compensate for their losses, according to TASS.

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that the United States would provide Ukraine with “more advanced missile systems and munitions” as its war with Russia progresses.

Separately, the official Russian news agency TASS said five civilians were killed on Saturday as a result of multiple explosions near the city of Donetsk. On the other hand, hundreds of people are fleeing the eastern city of Slovyansk daily.

Here are the latest developments in the Russian war in Ukraine:

Donetsk explosions

The official Russian news agency TASS reported that five people were killed and 20 wounded as a result of multiple explosions near the city of Donetsk caused by the Ukrainian armed forces.

The city is controlled by the Donetsk People’s Republic, but it is rarely bombed by Ukrainian forces. Ukrainian officials have not commented on the explosions.

Russia says it destroyed tanks in Kyiv

Smoke rises after a missile attack in Kyiv, Ukraine, on June 5. (Vladislav Sudel/Reuters)

On Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Russian missiles destroyed T-72 tanks and other armored vehicles near Kyiv that had been supplied by eastern European countries by Ukraine.

The ministry added that the Russian Air Force used long-range and high-precision air-launched missiles in the attacks on the outskirts of the capital and hit the buildings of a car repair company.

background: The Russian announcement comes after multiple explosions rocked Kyiv on Sunday morning, in the first attacks on the capital in weeks. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said one person was taken to hospital.

The Ukrainian government confirmed that a military target was hit by a Russian missile in Kyiv on Sunday.

“A military and civilian target was hit. There were no casualties and one person was taken to hospital,” said Vadim Denisenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister.

133 churches have been destroyed in Ukraine since the start of the war

A view outside a destroyed church on April 10, in the town of Lukashevka, Ukraine. (Anastasia Vlashova/Getty Images)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russian artillery had “destroyed” 113 churches since the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

“Among them are the old ones who resisted the Second World War but did not resist the Russian occupation,” he said.

On Saturday, CNN reported that the Church of All Saints in the Svyatohersk Lavra was “destroyed” by Russian bombing.

The struggle for Severodonetsk continues

Serhiy Heidi, head of the regional military administration, said that the Russian army is “investing all its reserves” in the capture of the city of Severodonetsk in the eastern Luhansk region.

“Earlier they managed to control most of the city, but now our army pushed them back,” he said, adding that the Russians “suffered heavy losses.”

Earlier on Saturday, Heidi said Ukraine now controls about half of Severodonetsk.

Hundreds of people flee Slovenia every day

Residents of Sloviansk evacuate the city located in the eastern Donbass region of Ukraine, June 2, 2022 (ARIS MESSINIS / AFP via Getty Images)

Hundreds of people are fleeing the eastern city as the Ukrainian military said Russian units are being reinforced as they approach Slovensk in preparation for the resumption of the offensive.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said, on Friday, that the Russians are amassing a force of up to 20 tactical battalions in the region.

Currently, there are about 22,000 people in Sloviansk, which is about a fifth of the pre-war population.

fighting condition

As Russia intensifies its offensive on eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian military says Russian forces are making little progress, particularly in the Donetsk region.

The latest intelligence assessment on Saturday from Britain’s Ministry of Defense said Russian air activity “remains elevated” over eastern Ukraine and has contributed to Russia’s “recent tactical successes” but “has not had a significant impact on the conflict”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said this week that a fifth of the country’s territory is under Russian control, with the Donbass region “almost completely destroyed”.

Ukraine’s foreign minister criticizes Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace in Paris, June 3, 2022 (ROSA/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba responded angrily to French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments that “we should not humiliate Russia.”

“It is Russia that humiliates itself. It is better that we all focus on how to put Russia in its place. This will bring peace and save lives,” Kuleba said.

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