Pope Francis says cutting off health resources is an attack on humanity

The Pope Francisco He stressed that cutting off the resources allocated to health is an “attack on the people.” humanityAnd it is “necessary” to work so that everyone can access it Attendees healthy, “which should be”Free“.

“Cutting resources for health is an attack against humanityThe Pope said in a meeting with leaders of the Federsanitá Confederation, which brings together the authorities healthy Local authorities, hospitals and medical centers, as well as representatives of the Italian Federation of Municipalities.

The pandemic has taught us that the phrase ‘every man for himself’ quickly translates to ‘all against all’, widening and increasing inequality. Conflicts. Instead, we have to work so that everyone has access to help, so that the system is supported and strengthened healthy And for it to continue to be free,” he emphasized.

Francisco thanked the “commitment” leaders healthy Local, which “contributes to maintaining the relationship between the center and the periphery, between the small and the large, weaving relationships and promoting social integration and well-being.”

In this context, he suggested three “antidotes” for their work: “The proximityintegrity and the common good.”

“Seeing another soul in the patient (…) encourages us to get to know ourselves the brothersregardless of language, geographic origin, marital status or health status, whether in the people we meet in hospital wards, in nursing homes or in outpatient clinics (…) Ensure that there are no class A and B patients “And the circulation of energies and resources so that no one is excluded from social and health care,” he said in the first.

In addition, “We must rethink the concept of health from a impression Comprehensive, encompassing all dimensions of a person “because” treating a patient means taking into account not only his ailments, but also the psychological, social, cultural and spiritual aspects.

A holistic view of care helps to confront the culture rejection“, which excludes those who, for various reasons, do not meet certain criteria. He argued that in a society that risks viewing patients as a burden, a cost, it is necessary to return what is priceless, which cannot be bought or sold, that is, human dignity.”

The third antidote is the public good “as a remedy for the pursuit of private interests” since “even in the field of healththere is often a temptation to allow advantages economic Or the politics of a few groups prevail at the expense of the majority. This is also true in the field of Relations international”.

With information from EFE

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