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Two Colombian women They were arrested Friday at Tocumen International Airport in Panama when they tried to fly to Spain with cocaine hidden under a wig.The Prosecutor’s Office of the Central American country reported.

Initially, the Panamanian anti-narcotics prosecutor, Xiomara Rodriguez, reported the arrest of a Colombian woman at the air terminal on a flight from her country to Madrid.

According to the official version, the police approached this person after suspecting his hairstyle. After a scanner test, clients were able to notice that between her natural hair braids and the wig she was wearing, she was hiding numb discs attached to her head.

Rodriguez stated that The woman, whose further details were not disclosed, wore “68 black cylindrical sleeves with white powder (inside)” under a wig. In a video posted on the Twitter account of the Panama Public Prosecutor’s Office, Rodriguez added that this form of drug smuggling was “unprecedented” in Panama.

The Panamanian police posted on their Twitter account a photo in which two agents are seen holding a person, all from behind, behind a table with packages of the alleged drug.

Hours later, the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the arrest of a “second woman” with “67 packages containing suspicious drugs” hidden under another wig. It also came from Colombia and was heading to Spain.

Although the official information does not specify the nationality of this second detainee, sources from the Public Prosecution Office confirmed to AFP that he is another person.

According to the authorities, the two women will appear before a court of guarantees over allegations of international drug smuggling. Among the strange methods of drug smuggling, in 2021 the Panamanian police arrested, on the periphery of a prison, a “narcogato”, a cat with cocaine, crack and marijuana strapped to its neck, presumably for incarceration.

Panama is the Central American gateway for the drug to move from South America, especially Colombia, the world’s largest cocaine producer, to the United States, the world’s largest consumer of this drug.

However, Central American authorities have warned of a significant increase in drug smuggling into Europe, mainly through Caribbean ports.

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