MIR Psychiatry: The most curious case

During professional practice, many healthcare professionals come across some of the most curious cases, especially if they specialize in the field of psychiatry. For this reason, he wanted a doctor from this branch Share on Twitter some of the stories you lived in an educational wayto be an example of some of the turmoil he had to face.

As explained by Daniel, a young man who completed his residency in psychiatry but decided to repeat MIR, he wanted to benefit from the knowledge gained over the years”Draw attention to the different situations the psychiatrist sees in reality of their clinical practice.

Likewise, he wanted to emphasize it all The cases that are dealt with are always the result of suffering And our job as health professionals is to understand them as such, knowing that behind every clinical case there is someone who suffers and needs help.”

Manic episodes: From stealing hydrogels to causing hyperglycemia in other patients

Among the most noticeable disturbances during his stay were manic episodes, which ranged from a call to the emergency room because the patient gave Kit Kats to all patients who were waiting and caused hyperglycemia, to A conversation with a patient who invited him to come to her bed Or a man who took all the hydrogels from the plant and hid them under his bed.

The professional advises that in these cases, patients tend to incur large expenses that can cause financial problems, Invites the patient to rest by providing a quiet place with few stimuli And if necessary, remove the mobile phone to prevent it from sending the hacked content.

Obsessed paintings May have organic reasons to consider. The most common are corticosteroids, but particularly in young adults without a history of mental health and with marked blockade, anti-NMDA encephalitis should be excluded.”

Schizophrenia and delirium are the most common disorders

“I’m calling you from Oro. A patient is coming by helicopter from the simplex to re-implant the deformed penis. Shall we do it or not?” Was one of the calls the resident received about a patient suffering from schizophrenia. In this case he clarified that other than the diagnosis “There is no mental disorder that is a contraindication to urgent surgery“.

Other similar cases were that of a 72-year-old woman who was thought to be pregnant and was diagnosed with schizophrenia-associated pseudoaneurysm or in a case of A patient claimed, before being discharged from the hospital, that his newborn child was a bird. In the latter case, the psychiatrist says a proper diagnosis could not be made but that social services were notified to assess the family’s condition and the need for outside help.

The doctor also shared some cases of Delirum. “I’m calling you because A woman in hospital said she got pregnant during the intervention for aortic stenosis by Marc Marquez And now he chases after him at night. However, she is standing on the bed of other patients watching how they sleep. “, was one of the cases of a patient with this diagnosis, as she indicated that The important thing is to focus on the causeusually a urine infection, withdraw antipsychotics as soon as possible

Another case was that of a patient who wanted to report to the emergency room staff because “he says he doesn’t think it’s dangerous that at night we put a circus with elephants and clowns in the corridor, and that he saw everything.” This time The cause of the delirium was alcohol withdrawalMaximum severity appears within a week of discontinuation and should be contraindicated with benzodiazepines.

Mental disorders that affect all ages

The doctor also had to deal with situations such as that of a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) who didn’t want to urinate despite the fact that he really wanted to, or that of another patient who devoted himself to complimenting rather than answering. His questions and who suffer from hysterical disorder and who Behaviors often worsen when people are upset or sad

“Look, since you’re here, this woman who comes in for a UTI says she’s been married to Arturo Valls for 20 years and that she told him she’d get pregnant with him tomorrow,” a colleague told him of a patient, who ended up with a diagnosis of erotica framed in chronic delusional disorder. . “This woman, due to her social status, felt very lonely, so her delirium has a defensive function: the feeling of companionship. The doctor explained that with the help of social work we are trying to improve their situation and expand the circle of contact with them.

The former psychiatric resident shared cases showing this Mental disorders affect people of all ageslike an old woman with dementia, and when she was asked about the head of government, she pointed to the same doctor, explaining that it was not him, she indicated that he was her roommate.

Finally, the case of a 14-year-old boy who “sometimes says he is a cat. He walks like a cat, snores and eats like a cat (he shows me videos), then acts like a normal kid.” This time he faced Schizoaffective disorder usually results as a means of escaping from difficult situationsIn childhood, he noted, “it is necessary to have good coordination with school, social work and, if necessary, with the police.”

The specialist doctor, who changed the basic data to be able to share cases, recalls that “The more unusual the presentation of a mental disorder, the greater the suffering it causesthe more difficult it was to ask for help and the more it was necessary to understand and see the person behind it, and concluded that his patients had always been his “greatest teachers”.

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