Medicine and nursing account for 25% of the job offer

health professionals.

epidemic COVID-19 Continue the requirement to demand qualifications. So much so that, for the second year in a row, Health Related Jobs They are the people who have gained the most weight in a job offer. Moreover, they became for the first time the most sought after, at 46.96 percent, twice their weight compared to the previous year. Specifically, just medicine s Nursing Already focused on 25.83 percent job offer in Spain.

medicine established itself as a The most sought-after degree in Spainwhich rose more than eight points and accounted for 13.41 percent of job offers that require university studies.

So it follows from “Infoempleo Adecco Report 2021: Labor supply and demand in Spain”, which highlights that this doubles as a heavyweight medicine This is due to a combination of the increasing demand by companies and medical institutions for these profiles and the shortage of professionals in some medical branches where “the problem of talent shortage has been recurring in recent years”.

Health, the sector that requires the most university students

In second place still NursingIt was the second most important title last year. Thus, the field, which two years ago was in seventh place, is establishing itself at the second place in the ranking it reached in 2020. The weight of nursing continues to rise compared to global accounts and is going from 6.9 percent last year. 12.42 percent Nowadays; More than five points.

natural therapy It has also seen a significant increase. this area Double your order, 2.42 percent, and moved up ten places last year to take seventh place on the list. in case if psychology s psychologyoccupies ninth place after their presentation in 1.96 percent of the grand total. In 2020, it was 1.62 percent.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has prompted the health sector to make it the largest applicant for highly educated candidates in our country, Multiplying seven by the percentage it was in 2019.

However, according to statistics, demand behavior has been in relation to the studies that make up this group of health sciences Unequal.

The demand for doctors and nurses to cover both the injuries caused by the pandemic and the shortage of human resources in hospitals and health centers continues to rise, and its impact is noticeable on job offers. Added to this is the need to own More psychologists and physiotherapists. In contrast, there are other qualifications such as Opposite Their presence in shows has been reduced.

Distribution of job offer to university students

According to the document, most job offers that require this type of training, for an additional year, are made in Community of Madrid, by 17.7 percent, although its contribution to the national total fell last year by 4.35 percentage points. It is the deepest descent among all the autonomous regions.

2nd place this year AndalusWhich got two percentage points and two spots, now accounts for 14.31 percent of offers for college students.

third left Catalonia, displaced by Andalusian autonomy. The region collects 12.43% of bids after losing 3.77 percentage points. The second strongest drop between
different independence.

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