Italy warns ‘global bread war has already begun’

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, Today he asserted that “the world war of bread has already begun” Because of the grain embargo in Ukraine, which prevents many vulnerable countries from accessing grain, this means “the risk of new conflicts erupting in Africa.”

“The global bread war is already underway and we must stop it. We risk political instability in Africa, the spread of terrorist organizations and coups: This could be caused by the grain crisis we are going throughDi Maio said.

Before the war, Ukraine was one of the largest exporters of grain and agricultural fertilizers in the world Their commodities were essential to food security From regions such as the Middle East and North Africa.

Russian President Vladimir Putin “should reach a peace agreement as soon as possible, which also includes an agreement on grain, such as a ceasefire agreement that allows us to evacuate women, civilians and children who were bombed by Russia in eastern Ukraine 100 years ago. Days.”

“There are 30 million tons of grain blocked in Ukrainian ports by Russian warships,” Di Maio said, noting that “what we are doing is working for Russia to unblock the export of wheat to Ukrainian ports, because we are now risking new wars. erupt in Africa.”

The head of Italian diplomacy indicated that “we will hold a first dialogue session with Mediterranean countries on food security, and we will work with all partners with Germany, Turkey, France and many other countries to achieve the goal of releasing quantities of wheat that should leave Ukraine.”

A few days ago, Italy offered to remove mines from the ports of Ukraine and create “sea lanes”To move the wheat, the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, called Putin, to ask him to cancel the ban on the export of grain from Ukraine also from Black Sea and Azov ports such as Mariupol, which had been invaded by Russian forces.

The Russian president responded that if the West lifted sanctions on Russia, his country could export grain.

The Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has warned of the repercussions of the war between Ukraine and Russia, both major grain exporters, on food security around the world.

Italy is organizing a ministerial dialogue with the Mediterranean countries on June 8, in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization, to understand the needs and identify intervention measures in the face of the dangerous repercussions of the war on food security, especially in the Mediterranean and Africa.

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