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With the advent of the summer months, the temperatures begin to rise, and therefore purchases of air conditioners increase, which has led to an increase in their cost like other products due to inflation and delays in the distribution chain, so it is advised to inform you. To be able to get efficient equipment at a fair price according to the market trend.

Edward Rosario, General Manager of Air Max, warned the consumer to be well oriented about refrigeration equipment for sale, because, as he explained, he realizes that there are sellers who do not tell their customers well until they make the right decision at the moment to choose an air conditioner.

“They are offering equipment at affordable prices, but with low energy efficiency, which exposes them to risking customer savings. They are taking advantage of the fact that the consumer is looking for the best prices.”

This happens after the cost of materials increases worldwide, which results in a lower profit margin for sellers, which is why, according to Rosario, they offer equipment of lower quality or those that are not recommended depending on the space they have. The customer seeks cooling.

Rising prices

Regarding the costs of refrigeration units, Michael Quintana, director of sales at Refricentro, said the price of air conditioners has gone up by 25%-30%, while installation and parts now cost about 50%.% more than it did before the pandemic. This is because the costs of moving wagons from China have been sixfold, he said speaker.

Due to the successful sales of this industry in the past years, the figures in 2022 decreased by 10% compared to 2021. However, the flow of sales remained constant, due to the high temperatures experienced by the island, especially between June and September.

“For the past four years, after Hurricane Maria, sales have been exorbitant. With the pandemic, sales have continued to rise, because people have been at home. I understand that this year’s sales are normal. Air conditioners are a necessity, not a luxury,” Quintana explained.

The stock is still in good shape at the moment and the most requested equipment are the “mini-split” units for the home “inverter” type. But Rosario stressed that those who need to buy air conditioners should not wait too long, as they may be short on supply in the coming months.

Don’t leave it for August and September. There is now stock, but if distribution problems persist, the hottest months may be over. Aside from the price of containers, we are also affected by the inventory tax,” Rosario commented.


The Director General explained that there is a formula for calculating the appropriate unit that suits the consumer according to the size of his home or work.

“To find out which piece of equipment you need, you multiply the length by the width of the room, by the average heat index, which is 90. This gives you BTUs, which should be a little higher than the number generated by the formula. This is because people and devices’ body heat has to be taken into account. electrical.

Purchasing a less-than-optimal BTU unit will put more stress on equipment which means increased energy consumption and increased expenditure on your monthly electric bill. Efficiency is also essential when choosing an air conditioner, as it is measured in numbers that should be 20 and above.

“In 2015 and 2016 the efficiency was 15, but now if the air is less than 20 it is obsolete,” the executive said.

His recommendation Before buying, check that the model for sale has the correct efficiency and BTU, through the page Likewise, verify that the technician who recommends the equipment and performs the installation is accredited by the College of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technicians of Puerto Rico, Inc. (

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