Experts in sustainability, animal welfare, nutrition and regional structuring participate in the second UN Independent Dialogue

Experts in sustainability, animal welfare, nutrition, food and regional structuring will gather, next Wednesday, May 25, for the United Nations (UN) Second Independent Dialogue, the tool through which different countries can see how they are doing. Creating more sustainable food systems.

The meeting, organized by the Interprofesional del Porcino de Capa Blanca (Interporc), brings together with these experts, representatives from the pig sector and civil society.

For Interporc Director Alberto Herranz, the role that the Spanish white pig sector can play in these discussions is very important given our position as a European leader in production and an international benchmark in matters such as sustainability or animal welfare.

In this sense, it encourages the entire sector to participate in the dialogue, as well as those who consider that they can contribute their knowledge on the matter.

Hearns points out that the main objective of the United Nations is for populations to evolve towards healthy and sustainable diets, and for this, he points out, it is necessary to lay the foundations for transforming food systems and making them more sustainable, resilient, inclusive and equitable.

Interporc is strongly committed to researching alternatives that improve the food chain and facilitate compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For this reason, in the various discussion tables on Wednesday, the current situation of the sector and the progress made will be analyzed; The contributions of all participants will be combined to achieve a climate-neutral value chain committed to the tripartite economic, social and environmental sustainability; The role that pork should play in a balanced diet that ensures the well-being and health of people will be discussed.

Each table will have a moderator who will extract the discussion results. After that, the reports of all the tables will be consolidated and the final results of the dialogue will be sent to the United Nations.

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