Easy tricks to boost metabolism over 50: get enough sleep, don’t miss breakfast, and exercise

As the years passed, it became more and more difficult
slim down. This happens for several reasons, one of the most important
slowed metabolism Which is more prominent in the case of women because
menopause. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and by following some very simple guidelines, it is possible to lose weight after the age of 50. Yes, obviously consume less
Calories That you spend is one way, but not the only way, and speeding up your metabolism is probably the easiest way to maintain
healthy And with less weight in this complex phase of our lives,
How do we achieve it?

energy expenditure Everyone is at rest, which is known as their basal metabolic rate, which gradually decreases with age, but we can increase it slightly by following
tricks Very easy as drinking cold water, standing instead of sitting, or eating certain foods. We will give you some tricks
basic You can adopt it in your daily life in an easy way
Speed ​​up your metabolism And calories are consumed more quickly, even when at rest:

Photographed by Jan Krukov

Do exercises

common sense. We already know that
Playing sports It should always be a part of our lives, but as menopause approaches it is important not to get carried away in laziness. At least, we should
150 minutes of exercises per week, which is essential to increase
basal metabolic rate.

In addition to the exercises
Exercisesuch as brisk walking or running, it is necessary to introduce exercises
toning of muscle, because this doubles the speed with which the body consumes
Calories. But don’t despise training like that
easy such as going up and down the stairs instead of using the elevator, going to work or shopping by car instead of taking the car, because that results in
Active and healthy life That will make your metabolism active.

Control what you eat

We don’t mean what you do
restrictive diets, That can backfire for you because the dreaded
rebound effect, but you consume certain foods and drinks that speed up your metabolism. a
Green tea After eating, decorate your meals with it
cayenne Or eat rich foods
phytoestrogenssuch as soybeans and alfalfa, can help you balance

But not only that, but you should worry more than ever about eating it
Two liters of water per day (Cold water and fasting in the morning are ideal), avoid
unsaturated fats, Sugars and white flour are consumed
Proteins Lean fruits, vegetables, grains and calcium.

Photo by Jonathan Borba

Don’t miss breakfast

Take your time for breakfast
QualityIt can help you speed up the metabolism. But beware, we say quality, stay away from foods like cake or chocolate. And what do you have to bring
good breakfast To speed up the metabolism?

You must take
Dairy productsEither in the form of milk or yogurt. If you take it with coffee, try to avoid
Sugar And either you get used to the taste of coffee without sweeteners, or you choose healthy coffee. You also have to consume
all grains, Or with a bowl of milk or as whole grain toast. Try eating it with a little oil, grated tomatoes, or chickpeas. and do not forget
fruitAnd preferably whole and with the skin, because if you take it in the form of juice, you lose everything
the basic And you get extra sugar.

sleep well

With the arrival of menopause, the
Insomnia But it is important to try to get a proper sleep routine. amnesia
electronic devices At least an hour before bed, start
reduce revolutions To sleep in an ideal state of rest and not to stay longer watching your favorite TV series or gossip on the social networks of others on your mobile phone. Believe it or not, all of this affects sleep and
sleep a little slows down your metabolism

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