300 packs of cocaine seized in Puerto Coscedo

The National Directorate for Narcotics Control (DNCD) confiscated 300 packages, presumed to be cocaine, in the middle of a search conducted on Saturday at the Caucedo Multimodal Port.

Anti-narcotics agents, dog units, and military personnel A glimpse of dozens of containers that were passing through the country.

After more stringent verification, sIn one of them, they found six bales, each containing 50 packagesfor a total of 300.

And participated in the operation, and as part of the strengthening of persecution and the fight against drug smuggling, elements of the military security and intelligence services, which is being coordinated by the Public Prosecution Office.

According to the manifest The container loaded with chilled apples arrived at Caucedo port from Chile In transit and its final destination was Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The Public Prosecution Office and the DNCD have launched an investigation regarding the thwarted shipment of cache to Europe. As investigations progress, more details will be provided.

The 300 packages seized in this new process have been sent under a chain of custody to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif), which will determine the exact type and weight of the substance in its analysis.

In the first five months of this year, DNCD With the support of the armed forces, the Public Prosecution Office, the national police and state intelligence agencies, they seized 17,875 kilograms (17.8 tons) of various drugs.

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