Two doctors, a brave patient and a receptionist

(CNN) – A patient sacrificed his life to save his wife. Two talented doctors who have been recognized by their societies. Receptionist “with a true profession of service”.

So were the four victims who died Wednesday in a shooting inside a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Authorities said during a phone call that a gunman, who was a hospital patient, shot William Love, Dr. Preston Phillips, Dr. Stephanie Hosen and Amanda Glenn at a medical facility on the campus of St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa. Click this Thursday.

“We’re supposed to take care of others during tragedies like this. I think the caregivers were the victims is just incomprehensible to me,” Dr. Ryan Parker, St. Francis’s associate medical director and emergency physician, said Thursday.

He said, “They died serving others.” “They died doing their duty.”

After receiving “a lot of calls and feedback from the community,” St. Francis Health System created a fund with the Tulsa Community Foundation to accept donations that “help this cause.”

The funds raised will support the families of the victims and affected staff.

The Tulsa tragedy is the 233rd incident of mass shootings in the United States alone so far in 2022, according to the Armed Violence Archive. CNN and JVA define a mass shooting as an incident in which four or more people were killed or injured, not including the shooter.

Police: Oklahoma suspect fired two shotguns 1:06

This is what we know about the victims.

Dr. Preston Phillips

A friend of the doctor, Sandy Thompson, whom she met at the local tennis club, said Phillips was “a wonderful, kind, gentle person, with an infectious smile and a kind word to all.”

Thompson said he had known Phillips for about five years and ran into him last month while the two were visiting the tennis club. The woman fondly remembers the doctor as a “gentleman” who always “looked you in the eyes and gave you a bright, sincere smile and a warm greeting.”

“He made the world a better place and Preston’s presence will be missing,” Thompson told CNN.

Photo by Dr. Preston Phillips.

Tulsa Police reported on Facebook that Phillips is a 1990 graduate of Harvard Medical School and has worked over the past few years as an orthopedic surgeon with a focus on spine surgery, joint reconstruction and fracture treatment.

Ruth Foley, a surgical technologist at St. Francis Hospital, told CNN that she and Phillips had traveled together on various medical assignments in Africa. In this sense, he emphasized that it affected the lives of many.

Phillips travels annually with the nonprofit Light in the World Development Foundation, according to Folly. This group was founded by Kumi Foley, a Phillips colleague and father of Ruth Foley, with the goal of providing surgical services to people in underserved areas of the United States and Africa.

Foley’s father invited Phillips on a mission to Togo in 2016, a trip the murdered Tulsa doctor would repeat over the next several years. He was due to travel on another mission to Togo in mid-June.

Dr Foley wrote on Facebook: “You always call me ‘Son’ and I call you ‘Dad’.” “You told me last week at work at lunch not to stop this project in Togo in case something happened to you. I didn’t know you were giving me our last trip advice. I am so sad to see you go without goodbye. Your work will go on. We will miss you.”

Dr. Cliff Robertson, President and CEO of St. Francis Health System, called Phillips’ death “the greatest loss for St. Francis and Tulsa” during Thursday’s press conference.

Phillips was 59 years old.

Dr. Stephanie Hussein

Dr. Stephanie Hussain, Tulsa shooting victim.

Dr. Stephanie Heusen was an orthopedic specialist at St. Francis Hospital and Robertson described her as “a wonderful person”.

Tulsa police said Hussain was a sports physician and internal medicine specialist at the Warren Clinic. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma, where she was a member of the Chi Omega Club.

The group shared a message on social media: “Today we mourn the loss of one of our Class 92 members.”

“Our thoughts are with the family and loved ones who lost such a wonderful woman. She was known and loved by many and will always be remembered. No words can ease the pain of those affected, but know that we are here fully supported and will continue to pray.”

Hussein was 48 years old.

William Love

William Love.

William Love was ill at the Warren Clinic where the shooting took place, according to Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin.

“To Mr. Love’s family, I am so sorry we couldn’t save him,” Parker, the deputy medical director, said in tears. “When I woke up this morning, I really wanted this whole thing to be a nightmare, but that’s the reality of our world now.”

Tulsa police said on Facebook, citing relatives, that Love heard gunfire at the time of the shooting and knew his wife, Deborah, “couldn’t escape the building alone. He gave his life for her.”

The two were due to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary in August, according to police.

Police said Love was a retired sergeant with 27 years of service, including time in Vietnam.

The authorities added that he loved to travel and be with his family. Police said Love was survived by her brother, daughters, eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

He was 73 years old.

Amanda Glenn

Amanda Glenn.

Franklin said Amanda Glenn was a receptionist at the Warren Clinic.

Glenn’s five-year-old friend told CNN that she was a mother of two and that her children were always present in everything she did.

Amy Pennington said they, in turn, were “mama’s boys.”

Glenn was one of the “proudest mothers” Bennington had ever known and shared a strong bond with her children.

Glenn is also survived by her husband.

“She was a hardworking worker, good in spirit and would do anything for you,” Bennington said.

Tulsa police described it in similar terms: “Amanda, with her true dedication to service, always puts everyone first,” authorities said. They added that he has worked in the medical field for more than 18 years.

“She was the happiest just being with her family, with incredible love for her children and husband,” the police said. “His family says he always had the biggest smile and kindest soul.”

Glenn was 40 years old.

CNN’s Sarah Smart contributed to this report.

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