They arrested the alleged perpetrator of the murder in Colombia

(CNN Spanish) – Colombian authorities have arrested the alleged perpetrator and four others allegedly involved in the murder of Paraguayan Prosecutor Marcelo Picchi.

US President Evan Duque said Friday, from the US, that the detainees would be placed at the disposal of an assurance watch judge. “The evidence being told is significant, it is strong, and a detailed investigation has been conducted,” he said from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

The president added that all details will be revealed to the public once the family legalization process is completed. “We believe that with this important step, this horrific crime will be made clear in every way and everyone who participated in it will get what they deserve,” Duque said.

A joint effort in the Marcello Picci case

The Attorney General of Colombia, Francisco Barbosa, reported that the capture took place in the city of Medellin. Barbosa said, in a statement posted on social media, that these arrests came as a result of communication between the police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Paraguayan authorities.

For his part, the President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benitez, celebrated this new progress. “We appreciate the commitment of Colombian state agencies. The investigation into the tragic death of Prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, in which police and prosecutors from both countries work collaboratively in pursuit of justice, is moving forward with the arrest of the suspects in his death,” he wrote on Twitter.

On May 17, Colombian police announced the arrest of at least 17 people of different nationalities in connection with the crime.

Prosecutor Marcelo Picci was shot dead by gunmen on the beach of Barro Island, Colombia, on May 10. He was there on his honeymoon with his wife.

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