President Abenader: “Calm in the neighborhoods, whatever the cost”

The President of the Republic, Louis Abenader, said on Friday that the government will have all the necessary resources “whatever the cost”, To ensure peace and tranquility The state is in the face of citizens’ complaints about the high crime rates.

“We will not finish until there is peace in every sector, every neighborhood and every home,” the head of state told reporters in Santiago during a visit to that province.

The President also stated that work is continuing with Police reform.

“Because what I will not accept in this country, as I said yesterday, is mafia peace. We have dealt the hardest blows to drug trafficking we have ever dealt, and now we will face petty trafficking,” he warned.

And they added in a statement issued by the media office of the Presidency of the Republic, “Calm reigns in the neighborhoods, and we will achieve it no matter the cost.”

Yesterday, President Abenader I ordered the activation of the joint operation “My Safe Country”, to be performed by the National Police in conjunction with the Armed Forces. the operation that Posted yesterday afternoon In all neighborhoods, municipalities and governorates, it aims to ensure peace and tranquility for citizens.

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