Miguel Vargas: “Government’s measures to address insecurity are dangerous and improvised”

The Vice President of the Socialist International and the head of the Dominican Revolutionary Party, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, considered the measures taken by the government to confront the insecurity of citizens “dangerous and improvised.”

He considered that the levels of crime that have spread throughout the country require a well-organized joint plan, and the release of the police and armed organizations into the streets “is inappropriate and needs further studies.”

At the start of a meeting of the International Socialist Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean in the Flanboyán room in Casa de Campo, the former foreign minister said the government had no plan when he came to power, despite how much. Talk about how to deal with security and other issues.

He said that this situation affects the image of the country, and despite his participation in the proposals to form a new national police, they were not implemented.

“What was announced this week is improvised, given that these measures require further study,” he said.

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