Laurie upon impeachment: Correa, Nybut, and Isa plan to distribute the charges

Guadalupe Laurie joined the association on June 2, 2022, accompanied by Ricardo Fanegas and Jessica Castillo of Pachacotic. Photo by Roger Velez / EL COMERCIO

The Association member Guadalupe Laurie From Pachakotec (PK) She was upset and spoke about the impeachment process, according to which she was removed from her post. The former parliament speaker considers the operation against her part of the plan of “those politicians who want to return.”

Laurie was described as a “rapist” for Virgil Sakesella, who served as Vice President and was sworn in as the new head of the legislature. This was expressed by Llori in an interview given in Radio Vision in Quito This Thursday, June 2, 2022.

On May 31, by 81 votes from the 82 members of the Assembly present at the 772nd session, lawmakers made the decision to remove Lowry from the position of Assembly President for an alleged breach of duty. His departure came after a complaint filed by the House of Representatives legislator Christian Social Party (PSC), Stephen Torres.

Laurie points to Korea, Nebut and Isa

Society member Laurie mentioned that won’t quit for your party PachakotikIt has a 25-year history of resistance. “I will continue to work for Ecuador and for the province of Orellana”

And about Sakesila, he said that he “usurped the presidency, it was a circus they set up.” It is considered that the operation was illegal and that it was part of a “plan Korea, Nybot and Isa“, in order to”distribution From shipment” in the kiosks.

“Illegally, the presidency of the assembly was seized by assault… I am a woman of faith… God will not allow Ecuador to have illegitimate presidents and they want to distribute the plenary and aim to control the Citizen Participation Council,” he noted.

Laurie indicated that he would continue to fight and believe It “did not contravene any rule or legislative procedure of the Basic Law for the legislative function.” The parliamentarian says this control occurs because they are close to electing new powers such as “in the office of the Comptroller, the Attorney General, the Ombudsman, the members of the National Electoral Council”

For Llori, “Christian Social Party (PSC) He wants a lawyer by his measure, while (Correísmo) Unión por la Esperanza (Nations) They want impunity, they want a truth commission.”

Laurie says he was subjected to violence

When asked about his position in the presidency, he said, “I didn’t have time to get my little things out, he (Sakesella) took the office arrogantly and illegally.” He added that he feels there in the council Racism and violence against politicians.

He concluded his speech by emphasizing that the operation against him reveals the weakness of democracy in the country.

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Written by El Comercio on Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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