How many times a week should you exercise and for how long?

If you are thinking of subscribing Sport club Or you have been in a slump for a long time and want to get back in shape the right way, you need to know how many times a week you need to training To get good results and achieve the desired goal. In general, it can be said that there is no fixed rule for determining the frequency of physical exercises, but everything depends on several factors: among them you must first take into account the daily lifestyle, as well as assess the quantity, quality and type of food. of the training you intend to do. To obtain the desired physical well-being, it is also necessary to understand the goal to be achieved. Let’s find out then How many times a week to exercise and how long you should be in good shape.

How often do you have to exercise?

Staying active is the key to staying healthy. But it’s hard to know how much exercise You have to do to achieve your goals, either to lose or gain weight or as mentioned, to be in good shape. First of all, the type of training depends on your abilities, goals, tastes, equipment you have, injuries and above all the time you have. In fact, There is no single approach For everyone , But there are many instructions You can follow them and apply them to your training to ensure a balanced, effective, safe and fun regimen.

Unless you’re a fan Playing sportsSo, the less time you spend in the gym, the better off you’ll be, even if it’s just to achieve your health and fitness goals. Experts say Training only once or twice a week does not allow to reach an adequate level of physical condition. for maintain metabolic activity, We recommend Train at least three times a week.

It is best to train four or five times a week, but for most people it is not achievable due to lack of time. For this, Experts recommend that you aim for three training sessions per week. This exposes the body to a sufficiently large training stimulus throughout the week. This allows the body to adapt, becoming stronger, thinner and fitter.

But, How long should sessions last? Training for effective results? You can get an effective and efficient workout in half an hour if you use your time correctly, but if you want to make real progress, You should train for 45 minutes or an hour. It is also necessary heating Which you should at least dedicate 10 minutes30-40 minutes for weight training and 5-10 minutes for cool-down and stretching.

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