He had an accident, they did a CT scan and found out that he had a bullet in his head

in town MenditaBelongs to San Pedro Department10 kilometers from San Salvador de Jujuya man – unidentified – taken to hospital William Patterson After a traffic accident. According to local media, TribuneThe 28-year-old motorcyclist was driving on a street and was going to lose his stability and fall to the ground. When he was taken to the hospital, the doctors who attended him during the CT scan, discovered that A bullet got lodged in his head.

The unusual event occurred on May 27 and the members of the 52nd branch of the . department were first notified Saint Peter, who attended the scene of the accident, checked the health of the wounded and immediately called the medical assistance service. Specialists checked for serious injuries all over the body and took him to the nearest hospital in the area.

Facade of Pablo Soria Hospital in Jujuy Province Photo: www.salud.jujuy.gob.ar

When they arrived at the guard, they examined him and the first medical report determined that he had severe head trauma. This led to the ordering of a series of studies of the head region to determine the true state of the injury.

With a CT scan, the doctors got a big surprise: they found Bullet in the middle of the skull.

What really caught his attention was the shell that appeared in the photo It has no entry hole or any sign of its origin.. Therefore, contrary to what the initial diagnosis indicated, it was decided to transfer the patient to Pablo Syria Hospital From the capital, Gogoi, where he is still in intensive care and recovering from his injuries.

What happened in Gogoi, which was so strange to doctors, wasn’t the first time it had happened. In China, a 28-year-old man was identified as Xiao Chen, it became news of something similar. For 20 years, he struggled with headaches and never went to the doctor because he always attributed it to tiredness and stress.

On one occasion, when doing routine studies in Shenzhen University General Hospital They did a CT scan and discovered he had something that left them speechless.

Doctors discovered that on the left side of the head there was an intriguing thing worth paying attention to because it is so close to the temple and can affect it badly: it was a bullet, according to the media. Central Odd.

On the MRI, you can see the shell that caused the young man's headache.
On the MRI, you can see the shell that caused the young man’s headache.

From what the patient mentioned, he recalls that on one occasion he was playing with his brother with a compressed air gun and the trigger of the gun was accidentally pulled and hit that area, where it remained hidden for a long time.

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