Diet and exercise to show your abs

    It seems we all know what makes a good looking Queen Letizia. A close friend of both of us once told me: “My love is easier than you think”. Simple… I don’t know, but effective, yes it is. It all comes down to your willpower, persistence, and the combination of two main things: a healthy diet and hard exercise.

    Anti-inflammatory diet

    First of all, the Queen will be following a very healthy Mediterranean diet with special nods to the famous anti-inflammatory diet of Dr. Perricone. A diet that slows inflammation and cellular oxidation. The Pericone Diet is more than just a diet, it’s a change of mindset, and a way to re-evaluate eating habits to achieve a healthier life, as it helps reduce inflammation and cellular oxidation by prioritizing certain antioxidants and anti-aging superfoods. With it, to restore the health of the skin and the body in general, in addition to boosting energyexplain Rachel GonzalezTraining Manager Perricone MD. It is mainly based on the consumption of high-quality protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, “good” fats, vitamins and antioxidants.

    • high quality proteinAmong them: a daily serving of fresh fish such as salmon, chicken, eggs, tofu, kefir, natural yogurt, quinoa or almonds.
    • Complex carbohydrates and fiber: It has a low glycemic index (GI), because it is absorbed slowly and does not cause an inflammatory reaction. For example, blackberries, red and white onions, raspberries, olive oil, oatmeal, lemon. These foods are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber that regulate digestion.
    • Essential fatty acids: Such as omega-3 and omega-6 found in fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, flax oil, chia, sunflower seeds, pistachios and olive oil.
    • Vitamins and antioxidants: These substances contribute to the production of cellular energy and protect against oxidation caused by free radicals. You find it in vegetables like spinach and broccoli.

      To tone the abdominal muscles well, like the queen, it is necessary to have a very low percentage of fat as well as to develop those muscles.

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      lower abdominal pressure

      The second pillar of showing a good figure like Queen Letizia is the exercise that you do with the help of a personal trainer. According to various sources, she dedicates two hours a day and does not focus on one discipline, but alternates with yengar yoga, Pilates, cycling, running, boxing, doing Zumba… off her abs in a dress. chopped off Fuchsia, no one went unnoticed.

      the secret? To show off such abs from Reto 48 confirm it “A good abdominal exercise is essential, through contraction and pressure-reducing exercises, that allows us to achieve the results of a tight abdomen and waist. In addition, this is the best combination of healthy exercises, because the classic abdominal muscles are more compressed and overstressed on the pelvic floor, and lead to a Disruption of the transverse abdominal musclesguarantee Sarah Alvarezcreator and founder Challenge 48.

      what are they?

      “Low stress exercises involve performing a series of postures, in apnea (without breathing), which have the effect of narrowing the waist and reconfirming the abdominal girdle and pelvic floor”describes Reto48 coach Laura Moreno Castilla.

      What does it consist of?

      Posture is essential: you need to keep your legs hip-width apart, keep your knees open, your legs always flexible, your pelvis neutral, your shoulders away from your ears, axial elongation and cervical perfect. in Christianity; Care must be taken to align the head, spine and pelvis well. Once you adopt the correct position: It consists of breathing in a state of apnea to operate the diaphragm and involuntarily activate the transverse abdominal muscle, which is the deepest muscle in the abdominal region and acts as a corset and the pelvic floor., Comments by Sarah Alvarez. The transverse abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor are closely related: “When we activate the transverse (our natural corset), the pelvic floor is activated, and it rises”Alvarez adds.

      static and dynamic

      There are as many as three types of hypopressives: static, dynamic, and the so-called chorea. Stability is the basis of antihypertensive drugs, the most recommended and the easiest to implement at the time of starting their practice. why? “Because it is the basis of the method, it does not involve displacement, the technique is simpler and it is easier to control apnea”Alvarez says.

      Once you have that in control, you can dare to lower the dynamic compression: “It has a greater intensity and complexity on a physical level, compared to static exercises. When performed, expiratory apnea is difficult, since there is movement, so it is necessary to have more control over breathing and standing. It also involves more intensity at the level physical activity, where various muscle and nerve chains are workedReto48 expert warns.

      Sessions: It is recommended to repeat 2 days per week and sessions of 20 minutes are sufficient. “We can combine it when we do impact classes, or sports like running, add a 20 minute antihypertensive therapy session before or after”Alvarez recommends.

      consequences: Antihypertensive drugs help to narrow the deeper layer of the abdomen and thus make the waist somewhat narrower and the stomach more spacious. On average, results can be seen within two months.

      where: Challenge 48 (Madrid, tel. 911 93 67 48).

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