Abenader sends soldiers into the streets to fight crime

(CNN Spanish) –
President Luis Abenader announced, Thursday, the deployment of the armed forces in the streets with the National Police of the Dominican Republic to fight crime.

The president acknowledged that in the past three weeks crime in the country had seen a “significant increase” and attributed this to the effects of reopening after confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Abenader did not specify how many members would be tasked with security on public roads, but he made it clear that they would use high technology and intelligence to combat violence.

“This government is working and will continue to work so that there is real peace and tranquility based on respect for human rights, but also on the solidity of our law enforcement forces,” Abenader said.

The president stated that the joint operation will start on Thursday afternoon.

Abenader chaired the meeting of the Supreme Police Council at the headquarters of the National Police of the Dominican Republic.

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