7 Effective Exercises Experts Recommend

There are just over two weeks left to officially welcome summer. Like just about every year, we grabbed a bull and it’s time to put our batteries in to look amazing in a bikini. Yes in deed , Miracles don’t exist and doing crazy things (like stopping eating or killing ourselves at the gym) is not recommendedSo it is better to take it simply and add sports to our daily routine and follow a balanced diet with healthy and light recipes.

Before delving into it fully, it is essential to understand what separates “weight loss” and “fat loss,” which may sound the same, but is not. In Vitonica they explain it in detail Weight loss involves losing fat and musclewhich “can be a problem if the mass loss is very large or if it extends over time”.

On the other hand, fat loss means that “our bodies undergo body remodeling, we lose volume and We are seeing more defined or tighter Where we reduce the percentage of fat in the body.

Once we know the differences between both concepts, we focus on losing fat. Experts point out that it is better to choose exercises that “involve several muscle groups, the so-called compound exercises, because performing the movement requires the participation of several muscles, which translates into Expending more calories, thus burning more fat”.

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We start with a fitness classic: Burpees. First, it is important to know how to do it correctly to avoid injuries. Once we learn the technique, we can play with it The different variants that make it more fun or complicated.

Experts detail that “in addition to engaging nearly all of our muscles, they contribute to the after-effect known as COPD. (oxygen consumption after exercise)Which helps us burn more fat for longer after the training is over.”

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square jumps

If you’ve joined the gym this spring and have been afraid of people jumping into the box, that’s understandable. This exercise is usually present in all Crossfit routines (the following Famous People like Martina Klein) and Helps work the strength of the lower body.

They added in Vitónica that “if we do it at a high enough speed and intensity, we will achieve an effect similar to that of Burpees, contributing to COPD and subsequent fat burning.”


Just like Burpees, pull-ups are both loved and hated. We focus especially on our backsThis exercise allows for several variants (such as the prone grip, the supine grip, and the neutral grip).

If you’ve ever had a shoulder injury, you should take this into consideration: Miguel Fitnes, Editor of Vitónica points out that “I advise not to use the upper grip Because of the unstable position we subject the shoulder joint to, which is put into an abduction gesture as well as external rotation and that’s not good.”

bench press

To work the chest, shoulder and triceps, we have the bench press. “It is an exercise that increases the hypertrophy and strength of those performing this exercise,” the experts say. At Vitónica they show us how to do the bench press if you are a beginner in the gym and want to avoid the risks.

battle rope

It might not sound like much to you with that name, but Battle Rope is the classic exercise that consists of They mustered in various ways, with thick and heavy ropes by handsas described in Vitónica.

Weight loss

Specialists point out that “it will help us gain strength (the ropes used here are not exactly the ones used to hang clothes),” They will put our hearts in a thousand They will contribute to what we call COPD, which is increased fat burning after exercise.” In addition, it is an exercise that is part of Blanca Suarez’s gym routine, which adheres to a full-body workout.

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Turkish uprising or Turkish uprising

Turkish ascent is one of the most complex moves on this list. thus, The most important thing is to perform the technology to the fullestas they teach us at Vitonica, because this exercise “requires good control of our body and a certain degree of coordination and stability.”

This is Blanca Suarez's training routine in square meters and without materials we can all follow from home

When we know the mechanics of movement, We shouldn’t try too much. Experts advise “not to use excessive weights, because we may lose efficiency in movement and cause injury.”

mountain climbers

We reach the end with climbers (or “movement of climbers”) throughout life. This exercise will raise our heart rate to a thousand It allows endless variations depending on the moment or level, as it can also be made with fitness balls or medicine balls. It’s also an appropriate movement to do at home, just like planks or squats.

Weight loss

Types of routines: full body or strength, the best options

Now that we are clear about which exercises you prefer to lose weight, it is time to figure out the most appropriate routine to achieve the goal. Experts recommend full-body sessions, as Aitana does, “in which We train all muscle groups in the same session. By following this kind of routine, we can get the second frequency or the third frequency for each muscle group.”

In addition, they also recommend strengthening procedures. In this regard, they add, “Because strength procedures are based on basic or multi-faceted exercises (squats, bench press, deadlift, rowing and military press), A series of exercises that involve a large muscle mass and, therefore, require a greater amount of energy“.

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