10 canceled games you didn’t know existed

As you noticed, we swear what could have been Dormant, and during these months of inactivity, we took the opportunity to try to highlight games about which nothing or almost nothing was known about. During our investigation we found a little bit of everything. Sometimes we can tell you stories like the one about the PlayStation 3 release and the multiple changes to DriveClubother times we find, simply, illustrations or pictures of Unknown projects about which nothing else is known, at some point, They were there. We tell you what some of these projects were in this first part of our special show.

A game set in Asia by Ubisoft

In 2015, Ubisoft was developing a game in Asia, as evidenced by the work of one of its artists, Romeo Costan. apparently, Could be the original skull boneswhich could have been canceled in favor of the version we know now and looks like we’re going to play.

Galle: A Cancellation Game Set in Asia by Ubisoft

triple by Climax

We have no idea what it could be. We know it’s a triple Which didn’t come to fruition thanks to the creator of the illustrations, Cesar Espego, but beyond its apparent medieval setting, there’s not much to deduce. Will it be a new license? Can you think of any epic out there that could fit in?

Galley: Triple A peak canceled

  • Climax Triple A Canceled -

Restart age of empires

This illustration by a veteran Microsoft artist demonstrates it before Age of Empires IVThe saga was about to experience a reboot. Considering that the fourth version debuted in 2021 and that Sasha Beliaev worked at Microsoft between 2010 and 2014, as well as the fact that he himself confirms that this image belongs to the reboot, it seems clear that it is A canceled project is different from the one we played. As a note, Beliaev is an absolutely incredible artist and we advise you to take a look at his works.

Age of Empires reboot canceled

blood 3

the blood It’s epic with its followers, but it’s been somewhat of a relative success. The seven years that passed between the second installment and betrayal That he, in addition, went into two dimensions, perhaps to reduce his budget is a sure sign that sales were not stellar. This does not mean that After completing the second part, Terminal Reality started working on the third part Unfortunately, it has been cancelled.

bloodrayne 3 . has been canceled

Crytek Underwater Game

We don’t know much about this project other than these illustrations by Dan Volbert. We know he was working at Crytek between 2008 and 2010, and that It involved exploring at least one Roman city under water. It is possible that the idea of ​​taking advantage of the work done for the game that will end up Rice Ibn Rum? Maybe an experience for virtual reality? The game has gone through a very long development and has gone through many phases, so there must have been a lot of dropped content that Crytek would have liked to take advantage of.

Tablet: Crytek Submarine Canceled

a Hello canceled

This is one of our most interesting discoveries Hello canceled. Also from Beliaev, there are no further details about it except that it is a Microsoft project, between 2010 and 2014 and that it hasn’t moved forward. One of the illustrations has a small message that says HALO v005, so It could be an early deprecated version of Halo 5: Guardians.

Galle: Hello Canceled

Game setup in Egypt by Binox

Binox, before you became just another studio immersed in a mechanism Call of duty From Activision, he was a team working on his own games and he left us many games based on Spider-Man like Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions hey monday The Amazing Spider-Man. During this time directly, Back in 2011, Binox was working on a project we knew absolutely nothing aboutbut from her we were able to salvage this illustration by Hugo Puzzuoli.

Match in Egypt canceled

Batman game

Another completely unknown title, starring Batman. Designed by Jared Marantz, who has worked on many designs for superheroes and villains for films, television, and other video games, we can see illustrations for Bat Man, Parasite, Bizarro, and King Shark. We don’t know the publisher or developer, but at least we can look into it Can focus on Damien Wayne, judging from that futuristic touch of the illustrations.

Galle: Batman game canceled

Mysterious horror game

This horror game is more unknown if possible. These two illustrations, which came from the hand of Brian McClain, are all we know about her. We know that Brian has recently worked at Nexon OC (the studio that closed its doors two years ago), so one of the projects could be in the workswhich now works for Blizzard, and although highly unlikely, could also be a scrapped concept of the latter.

Galera: Canceled Horror Game

  • Horror game canceled
  • Horror game canceled

wonder book From Toy Story

register wonder book? Magic books from Sony that used augmented reality? If we haven’t forgotten any of them, four books have been released, but There was at least one more in progress, which also had an aperitif license: Toy Story. Thanks to one of the animators of this game, Peter Lumbe, we have a few examples of scenarios we could have visited in this adventure if it hit the stores. We assume that sales of the previous titles weren’t very good, which caused this version to be canceled in the middle of its development, in 2013.

Galley: Toy Story Wonderbook, a canceled game

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