Which stores have the most complaints in Hot Sale 2022

The 2022 edition From Hot show It ended a few days ago, hundreds of shops and establishments were shown Discounts, promotions and prices Special offers for customers who have offered Online purchases.

But not all was well for some customers, since Federal Consumer Protection (predict) announced that it had received a total of 14 complaints, in addition to Amazon, Walmart, Liverpoolamong other things, were those that were presented More complaints.

Profeco: Which stores have the most complaints in Hot Sale 2022. Photo: Freepik

The companies with the most complaints

Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, president of Profeco, announced that the number of claims was not very high, considering that more people joined online purchases this year, and considering previous versions, which means that stores generally complied with their offers.

According to the official, there were a total of 14 claims during the time the event ran across the country. To date, 192 calls have been made to suppliers to correct advertisements, of which 123 have been corrected.

The companies with the most complaints are:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Liverpool
  • electra
  • Suriana
  • Sears

The main reasons for the claims were purchase cancellation and breach of offers or promotions, as the owner stated that he would be on the lookout to provide the necessary attention to such claims.

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If you make a purchase in your case and they do not respect the price, promotion, deadlines, terms, deliveries, conditions, modalities, characteristics, warranties, interests, etc., you can submit your complaint to Profeco, the steps you should follow are:

  • Go to the Consumer Protection Office (ODECO) closest to your home, you can also carry out this process online, through Concilianet and Conciliaexprés.
  • If you are residing abroad, go to the site: Reconcile Overseas
  • In the same way, you can send an email to Asesoria@profeco.gob.mx to receive the necessary attention in your case.

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The requirements that you must submit for your complaint are:

  • name and address.
  • official identification
  • All documents you have that are relevant to your claim (invoices, receipts, contracts, declaration, among others).
  • The name and address of the supplier, if it does not appear on the receipt, indicate where it can be located.
  • A description of the claimed good or service and a description of the facts giving rise to the complaint.
  • ODECO Consumer Complaint Receipt Form.

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