The tough decision made by Elon Musk with his workers

Elon Musk Back to the news from Tesla. South Africa, the CEO of the electric car maker, had sent a letter to his workers asking his workers to stop working remotely and resume face-to-face activity in the office.

The letter, signed “Elon” and addressed to Tesla employees, contained the following message for the employees. “Anyone who wants to work remotely has to be in the office at least (and yes, I mean at least), 40 hours a week or leave TeslaA job proposal posted by the user that seeks to add remote work, not an alternative face-to-face work proposal.

On the other hand, the second condition that Musk set was the desk in which employees should do their jobs. “The office should actually be a Tesla office, not a remote branch that has nothing to do with it With job posts.” A message spread on social networks and that the North American company itself did not confirm this. However, the businessman in Pretoria responded on Twitter to several users who echoed this.

In the first comment he was asked about “The old concept of going to workMusk replied the following.They should pretend to work somewhere elseIn addition, he responded to a thread on Twitter from billionaire Scott Farquhar, founder of the software company Atlassian, in which he offered his views on working conditions at Tesla. The above set of tweets shows Why do recessions serve the function of vital economic cleansing“, He said.

In fact, this isn’t the first time that Musk has opposed remote work. Last April, he criticized this type of work. “All messages to stay at home regarding COVID, They trick people into thinking that hard work isn’t really necessary“.

Elon Musk’s exceptions to this proposal

On the other hand, Musk stressed that there are exceptional cases that are “impossible”, and some cases that he himself promised to review and ratify if necessary.BloombergHe gave the example of the Shanghai factory, a city punished by increased infections with the Corona virus.

In fact, according to the North American News Agency, to prevent its workers from being exposed to COVID-19, Tesla provided every employee in April. A sleeping bag, bedding and food for them to live in the factory. Work was resumed through a “closed circuit” system, that is, employees worked and went about their daily lives in the building.

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