The first warning symptom of a possible diagnosis of ulcerative colitis

Dr. Ahmed Morales emphasizes that no matter how minor the symptoms are, the patient should go to the doctor.

Dr. Ahmed Morales is a gastroenterologist specializing in ulcerative colitis and a member of the editorial board of the Department of Medicine and Public Health. Image: Medicine and Public Health.

How Patient and specialist in gastroenterologyDr. Ahmed Morales has indicated in Interview with medicine and public health That the first symptoms of ulcerative colitis can go unnoticed and for this reason, it is so important People with bleeding Or frequent diarrhea see a doctor.

“Patients often come in when the bleeding or diarrhea is severe, and they didn’t notice or simply didn’t pay attention before. Watch out for those previous episodes. “What is important in this case is to be able to interrogate the patient and do rigorous tests,” the specialist said.

He pointed out that there are differences in Diagnosis among pediatric patients As adults, it is important for parents to know about this gastrointestinal condition so that they can refer their children to a pediatrician in time if necessary.

In children, one of the symptoms most related to delay is indicated Psychosexual growth and developmentIn this sense, he stated that as a treating gastroenterologist, he had seen how some of his younger patients had fallen victim to bullying because of the ignorance of the people around them in their study centers.

“I always joke, but this is a multidisciplinary task force, you have to treat colitis in the brain, colitis in the heart, colitis in the soul,” he said, noting that the condition is chronic.

Referring to treatments, he emphasized that thanks to advances, more serious conditions such as colon cancer could be avoided in patients; “Although it also reduces The effect of severe colitis The patient can lead a normal life.”

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