Scientists have reversed the aging process in mice

It has been specified that it has been used “Proteins that can turn an adult cell into a stem cell” In this way ‘He restored aged cells in mice to previous versions of themselves’.

It was noted that in the first trailer of his team, which was released in late 2020, “Elderly mice with poor eyesight and damaged retina can suddenly see againSeeing rivalry sometimes see their young ones.”

“It’s a permanent reset, as far as we know, and we think it could be a global process that can be applied throughout the body to reset our lifespan,” Sinclair said.

“If we reverse aging, these diseases shouldn’t happen. Today we have the technology that enables us to reach 100 years and beyond, without worrying about getting cancer at age 70, heart disease at age 80, and Alzheimer’s at 90,” Sinclair said. life itselfa health event presented jointly with the chain CNN.

“This is the world to come,” Sinclair said. “It’s literally a question of when that will happen for most of us in our lifetime.”

While modern medicine treats disease, Sinclair said, it does not treat the underlying cause, which is “aging itself in most diseases.”

“We know that when we reverse the age of an organ, such as the mouse brain, the diseases of aging disappear. The memory returns, and there is no more dementia,” he said.

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