Rodolfo Hernandez in the presidential debates

Hernandez will focus on interviews and live broadcasts.

Photo: Carlos Ortega

Along with the brief statement released by his campaign announcing that Rodolfo Hernandez will not attend the presidential debates, the candidate appeared in a video that gives further light on his decision.

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“Since May 29, Gustavo Petro and his comrades have taken an offensive stance, focused on trying to destroy me and my project, rather than building their own proposals. That is why I decided not to attend the discussions. I will not be involved in these polarizing and repulsive dynamics, where the game is to destroy The other in a minute and a half.”

He confirmed that he will dedicate himself to conducting interviews and talking with people through live broadcasts on his social networks, in order to promote his proposals and ideas.

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It is time to end senseless battles and open up dialogue. It’s time to stop calling the department and start working on the union. This is the real change we need in Colombia. I invite my GP competitor to offer this same thinking,” the candidate concluded.

In fact, Rodolfo Hernandez did not attend the first debate of the second round, which was organized by women and feminists, who sought to listen to the agenda of the candidates and their knowledge of the problems of the population and proposals to overcome them.

Matilde Londono, one of the mediators and organizers of the space, pointed out that Hernandez’s absence was a disrespect for the rights of women and diverse people. “Dear candidate, when will you accept a conversation with us, that is, more than half of the population of Colombia? This indicates their unwillingness to establish a dialogue with us and this worries us greatly. We are a formidable force, we demand our rights and we deserve answers. We wish his laziness to be charged at the polls.”

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